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Welcome to Languages Abroad!

Languages Abroad is one of the largest network of language schools in the world with over 25 years of experience.

Our language programs are offered in 90 destinations, 35 countries and 19 languages. 

Tailor-made programs for teenagers, adults (18+) and 50+, along with a wide-range of specialized courses that combine personal interests with language instruction. 

Students from over 90 countries and over 60 cultural backgrounds. 

Our Most Popular Languages:

The official language of romance. Learn French where it originated in France, or visit other French-speaking nations like Canada, Monaco, Morocco or Switzerland. 

Perhaps the world's most eloquent language, Languages Abroad offers Italian courses in the country's most magnificent locations including Capo Vaticano, Florence, Rome and Taormina. 

Another language of romance, Spanish is the third most studied language in the world. Study Spanish in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina or Ecuador. 

Study one of the most recognized languages in Asia! With over 80 million speakers worldwide, Korean is gaining momentum of a global scale. Study Korean with Languages Abroad in Seoul. 

German is the official language of six different countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Study one of Europe's most influential languages with us today!

Learn the world's most widely spoken language in 1 of 5 countries! Discover the beauty of Australia, Canada, England, Malta or the USA as you continue to build your English skills!

Specialized Programs

See the real Cuba beyond the constraints of regular tourism as you embark on an adventure that showcases traditional Cuban culture and history. 

Design your very own language adventure. Visit top destinations around the world as you learn various languages at your desired pace!

Combine your language course with exciting extracurricular activities such as cooking classes, scuba diving or martial arts! 

Advance your career now with our intensive business courses! Now offered in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and at all of our Live & Learn destinations! 

Tour the Mexican countryside in style and explore the untapped beaches, jungles, mountains and caves on a wide-range of exciting and inspiring adventures!

Learn a particular language in three different places. Students can choose between French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Students under the age of 18 can now enjoy specialized language summer camps in various destinations across the world!

Go abroad to beautiful Canada this year and experience Canadian culture and lifestyle in our new High School Pathways program with Languages Abroad! Read more...