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Welcome to Languages Abroad!

90 destinations, 35 countries, 19 languages, 1 adventure: welcome to Languages Abroad!

Explore the wide range of language immersion programs at Languages Abroad and pick your perfect language learning adventure. Select your language of choice and your dream destination on the left, or get in touch today, and we’ll help you find your ideal language learning vacation.

The "Language Traveller" Program

Want to learn a language abroad...while you travel? Well, now you can! The "Language Traveller" is a language immersion program with a twist. You'll learn the language on the move, travelling to not one, but three exciting cities, or even three different countries!

Language Activity Holidays

A language activity holiday at Languages Abroad is much more than just another language immersion program. You can now combine your language course with cooking classes, dancing, painting, martial arts, scuba-diving and much more!

Want to take salsa dancing lessons while you study Spanish in Cuba? Or learn French while skiing in the Alps? Check out our language activity holidays and learn two new skills!

"Live & Learn" Homestay Language Programs

For total language immersion, why not learn a language while living as a guest in the home of your own private teacher? Established almost 30 years ago, our "Live and Learn" homestay programs now boast over 2000 private teachers worldwide, so we can arrange your private language lessons in the destination of your choice!

Summer Language Programs for Teenagers

Languages Abroad is proud to announce Teenagers Abroad, specializing in summer camps abroad and language immersion courses for kids from 13 to 17. If you're looking for a safe, inspiring environment where your children can learn a language abroad, make new friends from around the world and have a cultural experience they'll never forget, visit Teenagers Abroad today!

Business Language Courses Overseas

Don't let the language barrier hold you or your business back. Learning a foreign language helps you stand out amongst the competition.

Whether you're looking to improve your existing language skills, gain more industry specific vocabulary, learn a new language to advance your career, or get that dream job or promotion, our business language program is the solution for achieving your personal and professional goals!

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