14 Blogs to Read if You’re Studying in Berlin

Berlin is one of the hottest cities in Europe! As a world-capital for music, fashion, and art, it's no surprise that the blogosphere is overflowing with creative people talking about all the reasons to love Berlin. So, to help you find the right info, we've put together a list of some of our favourite bloggers writing about this inspirational city!

Thankfully of all the languages out there German is one of the easier ones to learn, especially for English natives. One of the reasons for this is simply because German and English share a lot of history as they grew in use.

The following blogs will help you learn more about this amazing language and the people who speak it in Berlin, Germany. We've also written up similar lists for Paris in FranceBarcelona in Spain as well as list of blogs to help beginners as well.

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Click to visit berlijn-blog.nl

Berlin Blog is a fantastic Dutch language blog by Berlin-resident and Netherlands-expat Marjolein van der Kolk. She provides readers with plenty of practical and usual travel information – hotel reviews, historical facts, bar & sightseeing suggestions – and even organizes these amenities and attractions by theme.

That being said, Berlin Blog is more than your average city-guide, it's an incredibly useful yet highly personal narrative account of Berlin that focuses more on the opinions and atmospheric impressions of the author than on traditional tourist attractions. Marjolein features many of Berlin's underrated neighbourhoods and she creates and shares beautiful Photo Diaries that showcase Berlin's (often unconventional) beauty in every season.

Berlin Blog also provides something I've been looking for, a "Things You Should Skip" section with explanations and alternatives. If you're planning a trip to Berlin, make sure you check out this blog! If you like it as much as we do, then you can even order a hardcopy of Marjolein's gorgeous guidebook "My Berlin"

Click to visit circus-berlin.de

The Circus Berlin Blog is the companion blog to The Circus Berlin Accommodations, some of the best hostels, hotels, and apartments in the city! However, it's much more than a list of things to do. Here you'll find high-quality Berlin-centric articles in English from a variety of different contributors, each bringing a unique perspective.

Authors come from diverse age-groups, backgrounds, and walks of life, and they all provide highly personal posts that deal with a range of subjects, including contemporary events, art, culture, the influence Berlin has had on him/her, the world, and more.

One particularly good recent example of such a post is "Words about David Bowie" which reflects on the impact of the iconic singer's life and death on both Berlin and the author. If you're planning a trip to Berlin and want practical information as well as thoughtfully written pieces to help you get excited and get a feel for the city before you go, then make sure to check out The Circus Berlin Blog!

Click to visit berlinreified.com

Berlin Reified is an artisanal food blog about Berlin that’s written, photographed, and published by Sylee Gore. Describing Berlin Reified as a food blog, however, doesn't really do it justice. This blog, much like a fine culinary creation, celebrates and savours life’s quiet moments. It uses food as an anchor point from which to explore Berlin’s most wonderful places and aesthetics, its many lovely handmade goods, and options for peaceful day trips.

Like the city that it's about, Berlin Reified is "alive to the poetry of basic objects". Sylee captures and shares striking photos that reveal the many lovely, fleeting moments that make up life in Berlin. These elegant photographs, with their short captions, are definitely the heart of the blog.

I really enjoy the minimal text since the photos themselves do enough to reveal the spirit of Berlin and give the reader the impression of exploring the city first hand. If you're planning a trip to Berlin, or are just passionate about innovative food or artisanal crafts, then Berlin Reified is an absolute must-read!

Click to visit berlin-enjoy.com

Enjoy Berlin is the closest thing you’ll find to a comprehensive guide of this amazing city. This entertaining and extensive blog is written by Job, an expat who grew up in a small town in The Netherlands. Now he enjoys a spontaneous and active lifestyle and shares all his favourite places in Berlin with his readers, covering everything from lithography and designer paper to the city’s best co-working spots.

There's too much great content to talk about everything, so I'll just highlight a few of the Berlin-centric sections which stand out the most – Party and Active. No matter what you're interests, you're sure to find something that suits you in Enjoy Berlin's Party category; here you’ll find info on everything from wild music festivals to relaxing lounges.

"Active" has everything sports related along with suggestions for novel activities to get your heart racing, like Berlin's escape game "Cat in the Bag"; it's a fantastic category that you won’t find on a lot of travel blogs. Make the most of all your Berlin-outings by first checking out Enjoy Berlin!

Click to visit iheartberlin.de

I Heart Berlin is a funny and informative blog that gives readers a bit of everything, from very specific and practical tips like what kinds of mobile payment work well in the city, to witty poetry like "The Berlin Broken Hearts Club".

I Heart Berlin was created by Editor & Chief Frank and he maintains it with the help of a diverse group of authorsClaudio, Yasmin, Kate, Lia, and Keith. Each member specializes in a different topic and the variety of perspectives come together to create an enjoyably complex and comprehensive website; categories include Party, Fashion, Art, Entertainment, People, Stories, City Guide, and Travel.

The City Guide and Travel sections stand out the most, and together, the two sections make this blog just as useful for those planning a trip to Berlin as it is for those planning a trip from Berlin. The blog is also very well written, and despite the numerous contributors, stylistically consistent. Whether you’re in Berlin, going to Berlin, or just thinking about Berlin, make sure you check out I Heart Berlin!

Click to visit piecesofberlin.com

Pieces of Berlin is a photo-blog that’s been attempting to capture and express a profile of everyday life in Berlin since 2009. The creator, Florian Reischauer, approaches random people on the street, takes their portrait, asks them about their lives, and then posts these to the web. It's a unique and cool concept that probes the essential humanness of the city and showcases Berlin’s ephemeral appeal.

Besides portraits, Pieces of Berlin also features many beautiful, original photos of urban scenery which you can order prints of or simply enjoy online. Most of the descriptions that accompany each photo are written in German but there are some in English as well, making this blog particularly great for bilinguals and aspiring bilinguals. Pieces of Berlin is a unique, intriguing, and inspiring art blog that really shows off the many layers of Berlin's beauty. 

Slow Travel Berlin is an excellent alternative travel blog that’s sure to appeal to both residents and visitors alike. The creators even offer tours and historical workshops in the city and keep a regularly updated list of suggestions for ongoing festivals, events, as well as day and weekend trips in every season.

Their guide steers away from the usual tourist spots and emphasizes Berlin’s lesser-known (but certainly not lesser) attractions. By avoiding the "hot" spots and focusing on particular experiences Slow Travel Berlin has successfully put together an ideal city-guide for those interested in a slow, sustainable, travel experience that will let them get to know the city on a local-level.

The main feature of the blog is the guidebook titled "100 Favourite Places" which takes a more patient and personal approach to tourism – mentioning many places that are not found in conventional guides. Slow Travel Berlin is the perfect blog for the leisurely, Berlin-bound traveller!

Click to visit berlinartlink.com

“The Insider’s Guide to Contemporary Art and Culture”

Berlin Art Link is an absolute must-see site for any artist visiting or moving to Berlin. It's an innovative platform that helps connect artists and industry professionals as well as a fabulous and free online magazine about Berlin's amazing art scene!

The "Berlin Resources" section is absolutely invaluable for creative professionals; here you'll find Open Calls, Gallery and Project Space Directories, Artist Residency Listings, Student & Housing Rentals, and a list of Art Supply & Book Shops.

Berlin Art Link's magazine is full of compelling and critical articles about everything art-related. I find the most interesting articles are the in-depth interviews with influential artists and professionals from around the world. If you're in Berlin, definitely check out the magazine's many reviews and recommendations for art installations and exhibitions within the city, and if you're not in Berlin (yet) then we recommend giving this zine a read! 

Click to visit fotostrasse.berlin

Fotostrasse is a travel blog created by photographers Marcela Faé and Felipe Tofani, a Brazilian couple living in Berlin’s Neukölln neighbourhood. The blog began with photo meetups and has turned into an innovative online narrative that documents and shares stories of the couple's many exciting adventures in Berlin and beyond.

Marcela and Felipe make frequent day and weekend trips travelling all over the city and beyond in a variety of ways – by bike, bus, train, and so on. What we love about Fotostrasse (besides the many spectacular photos) is that it shows off Berlin from the perspective of two people discovering life there for the first time.

This simple and elegant blog about expat living has universal appeal, but it's a particularly great read for photographers and aspiring-photographers. You'll find detailed tips (with pictures!) about what cameras and accessories our bloggers carry and why, as well as tips for learning to take spectacular photos like those on the website.

Felipe's very detailed post "Photography EDC - What I carry on my bag" gives a complete account with detailed reasons for every single item he carries with him – right down to the bag itself. With so much content and so many amazing experiences shared, it's hard to believe that it's just two years old. Make sure to visit Fotostrasse before embarking your own exciting Europe trip!

Click to visit eatbloglove.de

Eat Blog Love in an elegant blog about food, travel, lifestyle, and interior design written in German by Sarah, a former fashion-design student and Berliner. This enchanting website is Sarah’s creative outlet for everything that she’s passionate about and it strikes a perfect balance between providing personal and practical information.

Eat Blog Love has plenty of fantastic restaurant and day trip recommendations but what stands out the most are Sarah’s design reviews and designer interviews. It’s very clear that design is a very central part of Sarah’s life as she goes to many design shows, combs through flea markets for unique objects, and then features her favourite objects and trends on the blog.

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re interested in green living, DIY projects, and the art of everyday things, make sure to have a look at Eat Blog Love!

Click to visit daysofdeutsch.com

“Learning German, word by word, image by image. Some of it is useful, some of it is utterly useless.”

Days of Deutsch is a fun and engaging blog that documents the experiences and progress of Polly, a Londoner learning German and living in Berlin. Polly shares a bit of everything about her life in Germany's capital, including the various events she attends, the way Germans celebrate certain holidays, her New Year's resolutions, general tips for learning German and so on.

What stands out the most, however, are her daily vocabulary posts. Every day Polly posts a unique, creative photo that features a different German word. These engaging, pin-able photos make learning German more fun, personal, and relevant.

Each word comes with a visual reference so you're more likely to remember it, and with just one word a day it's easy to incorporate into your own daily rituals. We highly recommend Days of Deutsch to all current and aspiring German language students!

For more great language learning blogs check out one of our other article "13 Blogs to Help You Learn a Language"

click to visit zeitgeschmack.com

Zeitgeschmack is Berlin-based German-language blog about men’s fashion and lifestyle, created and maintained by a dynamic team. These three fashion-forward bloggers write about every aspect of being a stylish man in Berlin. Zeitgeschmack provides complete outfit suggestions, cologne recommendations, hair and skincare product reviews, and more!

There are so many style blogs out there for women, it’s refreshing to find such a complete website dedicated to men. However there's more than just fashion, including sections on sports and travel, as well as a playlist category which features English and German music along with festival and album reviews. Make sure you check out Zeitgeschmack to find out what’s trending for men!

Click to visit cherylhoward.com/berlin

Cheryl Howard is a fabulous self-titled travel blog and guide to Berlin written by a Canadian expat and self-proclaimed travel-addict. After making some big life changes at 26 Cheryl decided to follow her wanderlust and has now visited over 32 countries. After much globetrotting, Cheryl chose to leave Toronto and settle in Berlin; and when someone who has seen so much of the world really falls in love with one city, you know they’ve got to be onto something.

You can still read about Cheryl’s world travels, but more recently the blog has shifted its focus to Expat Living and A Guide to Living in BerlinCheryl Howard's informative, encouraging, and inspiring articles have just enough personal detail to give those of us moving abroad that all-important sense of community as we take a big, (often lonely) leap of faith.

Cheryl Howard is a must-read for anyone planning a move to a new city, and if you find yourself in Berlin, you can also attend one of her monthly expat meetups that she hosts with her friend Adam!

Click to visit awesomeberlin.net

Tulio & Shoshannah are a dynamic duo who teamed up to create Awesome Berlin, an entertaining and informative website about everything that makes Berlin so awesome! Tulio is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Berlin a few years ago, and Shoshannah lives in Amsterdam but visits Berlin regularly. Together this resident and visitor team provide a fantastic total Berlin guide.

Awesome Berlin has lots of fantastic tips and tricks, but three sections in particular really set this blog apart from the rest, Neighbourhoods, Gay Berlin, and Maps. In neighbourhoods you’ll find great articles on events and activities in all eleven of Berlin’s districts. In Gay Berlin you’ll find everything from the best non-hetero nightlife spots to a review of Berlin’s very own Gay Museum, which only makes sense in a city with such a long history of accepting diversity in sexual orientation.

Their Activities Map section takes all the website’s suggestions and organizes them into interactive maps, making planning your days so much easier. Make sure you visit Awesome Berlin before your adventure abroad!

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