Furnished Self-Catering Apartments

Staying in our furnished self catering apartments is the best option for students looking for further independence.

Our apartments are usually located within 20-30 minutes travel time of our school. They are all shared with other international students studying at our schools and you will be sharing with many nationalities, probably between 2-5 students per apartment. Our apartments are co-ed, however bedrooms are shared with the same gender and each person has their own key.

Most of our apartments offer a choice of Single or Double (twin) rooms, with shared equipped kitchen (including cooking utensils), bathroom and living areas. The apartments vary in size and number of bedrooms, depending on the location and at some schools we offer a choice of different categories of apartments.

  • Standard apartments (Apt1)
  • Comfort apartments (Apt2)
  • Comfort PLUS apartments(Apt3)


The comfort and comfort plus upgrades normally offer greater comfort: a larger apartment, better furnished, perhaps with a balcony, better location, TV, etc. Comfort Plus apartments are often located close to the beach or have a pool in the apartment complex.

Our apartments are self catering, which means that meals are not included. Students need to buy their own groceries and prepare their own meals. Often, cooking becomes a social event in the apartment and a great way to get to know your roommates. Many students have theme nights where they take turns to prepare a meal from their home country for the rest of the students in the apartment.

For the duration of the stay, you will be living among other students so you are expected to comply with the house rules. This means that common living areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times. All students have keys to the apartment and can come and go as they wish.

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