New Program Announcement: High School Pathways Program

Go abroad to beautiful North America this year and experience Canadian and American culture and lifestyle in our new High School Pathways Program! The High School Pathways Program is the perfect way to get into the Canadian and US education system after learning English at one of our many language schools around the world. Through the program, we will help you learn the necessary English skills to get accepted into a High School where you can earn your High School Diploma! Our English Program also lands you the High School Diploma earned to apply to a college or university in Canada / US as a local High School Graduate.

Entrance into this new program requires you to have completed an English course at either level 5 or level 6 at any of our partnering schools (any start date) and that you have completed Grade 11 or 12 of High School from your home country. In addition, you will need a study permit to apply to the High School Pathways Program.

This program lasts exactly one academic high school year, starting in either September or January; depending on when you register and complete the requirements you will be placed into one of those semesters. However, depending on your own language skill, you may need a longer period of study based on your English fluency.

For more information in this program and a personalized study program please contact us

How to Apply in 4 EASY Steps!

  • Take the online English placement test and send your results to
  •  Send your academic transcripts, a letter of recommendation from a school official to receive a customized study plan. 
  • When you receive and agree to the study plan, then send it back with your application form.
  •  You will then be asked to pay 40% of the total fees in order to release the letter of acceptance from the ESL portion and the High School portion. If for some reason your visa is denied, all fees will be refunded, minus a $500 non-refundable fee.



Cost (CAD)

English Course, 30 lessons per week


High School Year (Public School) - September to June (Max 8 credits)


High School Semester (Public School) - September to January OR February to June max 4 credits


High School Year (Private School) - September to June (max 8 credits)


High School Care Package: Custodianship, emergency contact, academic reports


Registration Fee (Non Refundable)


Homestay Family Accommodation - Single Room Full Board

$275 /week

Accommodation Placement Fee


Airport Transfer (Both arrival and departure)


Insurance (Mandatory)


Application Deadlines:

Intake: Fall Semester (September), Winter Semester (January)

Secondary: March 30th, September 30th

Refund Policy & Tuition Fee:

To get a full tuition fee refund, minus the nonrefundable administration fee ($500 CAD), will be granted if Citizenship and Immigration fail. If the government of Canada does not issue a Study Permit, the student can obtain a refund by providing the following:

  • The original Letter of Rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • The original Official Letter of Acceptance.
  • The original receipt of tuition payment.
  • A written refund request by the parent including the name and address of the cheque recipient.

Tuition Fee Will Not be Refunded If:

  • If the student chooses to withdraw for reasons other than the Study Permit has been denied by the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada.
  • If the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school.
  • If false medical information was given and conditions were not disclosed.