The Teenagers Abroad Guarantee:

Specializing in the 10 - 18 years-old age group, Teenagers Abroad has expertise in all areas of international language study.

All of our experienced advisors are knowledgeable about our schools’ staff members & directors, courses & content, teaching methods, and school facilities. Our advisors are well prepared to answer any questions about the cultural activities and accommodations offered at any of Teenager Abroad’s school locations. Based on each student’s personal needs and preferences, our advisors will help the students select the perfect language immersion program. Once a program has been selected, advisors will help take care of all of the enrollment details.

Before, during and after the language immersion program, advisors assist our students & their parents. A pre-departure package, which contains important information about the school and location, is sent to all students after enrolling. Throughout the program, an advisor is always available to offer support to students and parents/guardians. Once the language immersion program is over, advisors will have follow-up communications with the students.