English Course in Boston (ages 16 -21)

Boston English School

If you have ever wanted the all-American college city experience, then Boston is for you. With its young vibe, amazing beauty and a story that depicts America’s history you will be captivated by this magnificent city. Boston has over 100 colleges and universities and is home to some of the most sought after educational facilities in the world. But what makes this city even better is that the variety of cultures, wide range of attractions and incredible vibe create a learning environment where fun and adventure is guaranteed as you absorb the English language.

Boston boasts a unique combination of modern style and historic wonder, while still upholding a classical beauty and an exciting atmosphere. The city has an uncharacteristically European element with ancient churches and breathtaking architecture, but this quintessentially American city tells the tale of some of the USA’s most monumental points in history including the American Revolution. Excitement buzzes along the streets of Boston, whether you are a local, a student or simply a tourist, and in this city you can rest assured that your time here will be exhilarating and enlightening.

In Boston, we offer a variety of English courses for young people. Whether you are a beginner or just want to perfect an existing skill, we have a course that will help you reach all of your language goals as you enjoy the travel opportunity of a lifetime. With every aspect of Boston foregrounded you can enjoy a vacation to suit every taste, so whether history is your thing or a cultural adventure is what you are after, you will find what you are looking for in this amazing city.


Student activities in Boston

From a vibrant university culture to a richly woven tapestry of history and exquisite natural beauty - Boston is a city that will appeal to every young adult looking for an adventure! Home to over 100 universities and colleges, Boston attracts brilliant young minds from all over the world, giving this remarkable city an intriguing multicultural flair. Its welcoming nature and friendly locals make sure that every visitor is made to feel at home as they explore the historic streets of Boston and indulge in the exciting array of activities that the city has to offer.

For many of the activities described below, you can take part voluntarily. You are free to pick the activities that interest you the most!

Languages are our passion and through our exciting English courses in Boston we aim to share our enthusiasm while offering you the experience of a lifetime. Our course leaders and teamers are trained to ensure that you are safe, comfortable and relaxed throughout your time in Boston while still allowing you to experience the freedom that a language course abroad offers. With our variety of exhilarating activities planned, you will be free to experience everything that Boston has to offer while socialising with friends from all over the world and embracing the English language in a natural setting. What could be better?

Variety is the spice of life and Boston has no shortage of incredible things to see and do. The city boasts a rich history, and enthusiasts will be able to learn all about the American Revolution as well as the Boston Tea Party. Boston will show you how history can come alive as you enjoy the planned excursions and cultural trips with your fellow students. Not only does Boston have a tremendous history, but it has a reputation for its energetic sporting atmosphere ensuring that every sport enthusiast will find themselves energised and captivated by the passionate supporters. Enjoy the many sights that Boston has to offer or indulge in the abundance of shopping malls in the region. Feeling adventurous? Try a kayaking tour! No matter what your idea of a good time is, you will be sure to have one in Boston.

From planned trips to relaxed parties and DVD nights, your time in Boston is all set to be exciting, enlightening and truly unforgettable. While your days will be jam-packed with awesome activities and enjoyable English classes, you can rest assured that the party won't stop when the sun goes down. Our teamers have a whole variety of themed parties and fun-filled evenings planned to ensure that every aspect of your time in Boston is memorable. All you have to do is enjoy every moment of this remarkable experience.