English Immersion Camps in New York (ages 16-21)

New York English School

Get ready to explore a city like no other as you enjoy everything New York City has to offer. In "the city that never sleeps" you will be bedazzled at every turn, while you embrace the English language and enjoy the vibrant energy that buzzes along the streets of NYC. In the land of opportunity, New York is the culmination of beauty, excitement and adventure. As a young adult in NYC you are guaranteed an experience to remember.

With an awe-inspiring skyline, amazing landmarks and lively multiculturalism, New York is the city where anything is possible. The city’s incredible atmosphere will leave you captivated as you embark on an adventure that will deliver unforgettable memories and an English language skill that will open the door to infinite opportunities. Enjoy sightseeing in this magnificent city with world renowned attractions on your doorstep.

Whether you want to dive head first into an intensive English course or would prefer a standard course as you enjoy New York City to the fullest, our school in NYC will be the ideal starting point for every adventure. Learning English in this amazing environment will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and exhilarated by the possibilities of the USA. Embrace an exciting curriculum and enjoy the company of our trained and friendly group leaders, and of course your fellow students.

"The big apple" is overflowing with exciting things to do and see, and has ample opportunities to experiment with your English skills, socialise with the friendly New Yorkers and students from all over the world. Get ready to be amazed in NYC with everything from fashion, history, culture and breathtaking beauty.

There's nothing quite like a winter holiday in New York, and we're thrilled to announce that the program will be available for two weeks over Christmas and New Years! Just contact us for more information!


Student activities in New York

With a million and one things to do in New York City, you will find yourself inspired as you embrace a whole new culture in a city like no other. In "the city that never sleeps", you will be surrounded by a vibrant energy and an incredible atmosphere as you enjoy the countless number of awesome activities.

For a young adult, adventure is the spice of life and in New York adventure awaits! Whether you want to visit Lady Liberty, check out Times Square or just enjoy strolling along the bustling streets of Manhattan, NYC has everything you could possibly imagine. Our trained Teamers are eager to share the wonders of New York with you as you socialise with students from all over the world and enjoy the famous American hospitality.

Our planned activities include everything from bowling to city tours and cultural excursions. Explore the land of opportunity as you visit Broadway, some of the world’s biggest publishing houses and even enjoy some of the famous festivals or cultural events that New York has to offer. Your journey in New York will undoubtedly leave you with amazing memories, lasting friendships and a skill that continues to develop as you gain confidence in your English abilities.

Your days are guaranteed to be action-packed, but the fun continues even after the sun goes down. Our teamers have a whole variety of awesome experiences planned. Our welcome party sets the mood for a laid back and exciting adventure with students from all over the world. Our themed parties allow you to truly experience New York’s multiculturalism - you can enjoy an incredible Hawaiian Luau or try your luck at a fun casino evening.

For many of the activities described below, you can take part voluntarily. You are free to pick the activities that interest you the most!