General Rules & Guidelines

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This page contains the general rules & guidelines on the following topics. We expect that all underage students observe and respect all school rules while participating in a study abroad program from Teenagers Abroad. Furthermore, students must obey all instructions given by their teachers, monitors and/or campus administrators. Warnings will be given to students for a first offense of breaking the rules. Depending on the severity of the violation, parents/guardians may be contacted by school’s staff and will then have to speak with their child about their misbehavior. If, after the warnings, the student continues to misbehave and disobey the rules then we reserve the right to expel the student from our program and send them home at their own (parent’s) expense. In this case, no refund will be awarded for the uncompleted program.


Students and their parents/guardians must arrange for their own travel plans to and from the program’s location. Teenagers Abroad cannot be held responsible for missed flight connections or travel delays. We are happy to give recommendations and suggestions about travel plans, if you talk to one of our representatives. Advice that we give all students is to only book direct flights to the airport closest to the school.
This makes travel and airport transfer easiest for all parties involved. Also, we ask that at least 2 weeks before the program begins that students or parents/guardians inform us about the exact travel details (arrival date/time, airline, departure date/time, etc…). Without this information, we cannot make any guarantees that the student will be picked up at the airport upon arrival.

Student Behavior

Aside from obeying all rules and guidelines set by Teenagers Abroad, students must also obey all local laws. It will not be permitted for students to use illegal drugs, smoke tobacco, or consume alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, abusive behavior will not be tolerated and students are to be courteous and respectful to the other students, staff members, and local citizens while studying in a program. Also, students are expected to attend all classes and be cooperative with teachers and monitors. Any violations of the rules stated above will result in the parents/guardians being notified and possible expulsion from the program.

School & Activity Attendance

All students must punctually attend all language courses and planned events, exceptions can be made with legitimate forewarning. As soon as the student realizes that he/she cannot participate in an event, he/she needs to contact the on-site staff. Teachers and camp monitors will be taking attendance before classes and activities, the office will be informed of all student absences. Of course, students that are sick/ill mustn’t participate in activities or class as long as they have permission in advance from the activity or school coordinator.

Phone Calls

Students will be very busy throughout the day; therefore, it would be impossible for students to be available to talk on the phone. We suggest that you set up a schedule with your child and have them call home during his/her free time. Be sure that your child is capable of using a calling card before departing for one of our language programs

If you send our school a fax with attention to your child, we will be happy to give them the message. This is done quite often by parents and the students are always happy about receiving these.

Students living with a host family are not permitted to make long distance phone calls from their accommodation. Parents are permitted to call the students at the accommodation if specific dates and times are scheduled. When calling, it is best to keep calls as short as possible.

Mobile Phones

During language classes, workshops, sports and activities, mobile phones are not permitted. Students may only use their cell phones during breaks (snack time, lunch, dinner, excursions, etc…).


Regardless of which accommodation choice the student makes, he/she must follow all house rules. Students should make his/her bed every morning, help keep the room neat and clean, and do their best to keep the bathroom, shower and toilets clean.

When staying with a host family, students must obey all rules and appointed curfew times. Host families will set a reasonable curfew time for students during the week and perhaps one that is a bit later for the weekends. Whenever a student wishes to leave the host family’s home, they must notify an adult family member of where they are going and when they’re coming back.

Students who wish to have guests visit them at their accommodation must have this visit approved prior to the visitor’s arrival. Permission must be given in writing by our camp staff and an adult member of the host family (if applicable).

Responsibility & Insurance

Teenagers Abroad is not liable for any losses of property on the school’s premises or at the host family accommodation. We recommend that all students enroll in an insurance plan that protects them against costs that may be enforced due to student’s non-arrival to the program, absence, or unexpected termination of the course. All valuables (jewelry, electronics, etc…) should be left at home so that there is no risk of robbery or loss. Furthermore, it is a requirement for students to have medical and personal travel insurance in order to enroll in one of our programs.

Weekend Excursions & Optional Activities

The following conditions apply to students that wish to participate in weekend excursions and other optional activities: No alcoholic beverages are permitted, students must have written permission from their parents/guardians allowing them to leave the campus for the excursions, and there must be a minimum number of students interested in participating in the activity or excursion before it will take place.

School Waiver

There is a separate camp or school waiver that must be completed by the student and their parents/legal guardians. You will receive this waiver form, along with other necessary documents, after the child is confirmed to be in a Teenagers Abroad program.