French Programs with Languages Abroad

2016 Destinations

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Quebec City, Canada
  • Nice, France
  • Paris, France
  • Tours, France
  • Montpellier, France
  • Monaco 
  • Rabat, Morocco 
  • Geneva, Switzerland

Facts about French

  • French is spoken on every continent
  • There are 74 million native French speakers
  • It's taught in every country in the world
  • France is the most visited country in the world
  • French is a romance language
  • It has official status in 32 countries

With Languages Abroad, you can learn the beautiful and practical French language at one or more of our amazing language centres located around the world!

You can choose to study abroad at one or more of our French schools located in France, Canada, MonacoMorocco and Switzerland! We offer a range of French classes for all skill levels and we can also arrange activities, accommodation, meals, and more!

France: Discover French culture in Paris, Nice, Montpellier, or Tours

Canada: See what happens when a French colony becomes it's own nation. Here, you can study an older dialect of the French language in vibrant Montreal or historic Quebec City

Monaco: This exotic island is home to our iconic Live & Learn Program where you'll live and study in the home of your own private instructor. This is the perfect way to improve your French skills at an accelerated pace as you'll use French daily.

Morocco: The beautiful coastal city of Rabat offers travellers the best of Moroccan culture. Students enrolled at this school can also take Arabic courses.

Switzerland: Discover the Alps and the worldly city of Geneva by studying French in Switzerland!

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