Our Language Levels

Please visit the pages below to find more information on the following language levels from Languages Abroad:

Generally, it takes about four-six weeks to graduate to the next level when taking a Languages Abroad program. This period of time can vary significantly depending on several variables including the student's personal or professional motivation to learn, whether they take the Standard (4 lessons a day) or Intensive program (6 lessons a day) and how much they practice their language skills out of the classroom.

The following scale of four language levels is an interpretation of the classic division into beginner, intermediate, elementary and advanced. (This language proficiency scale is based upon the Common European Framework Levels).

This general proficiency scale should make it easier to communicate the system used in most of our schools to non-specialist users and also provides academic advisors/teachers with orientation points for granting academic credit to their students who participate in our programs.

Nearly all of our programs cater for all language levels: from the absolute beginner to the more advanced language student. Each student will take a brief placement test (approximately 45 minutes) on the first morning of the course, unless the student is a complete beginner. This assessment will determine the student's language level and ensure placement in the correct class.