Advanced Language Levels

Advanced - Level C

Advanced participants should be able to speak with confidence and clarity in most situations, and be capable of reading and writing on differing subjects with relative ease. The Advanced level emphasizes overall reading comprehension, advanced writing skills, translation techniques, and continued vocabulary acquisition. Newspapers, books, and longer texts are introduced frequently for class work and home study. Students who successfully complete this level, should possess language skills acceptable for everyday professional use. The three stages of level C are:

Advanced - Level C1

The C1-Advanced course is intended to consolidate the reading, writing, and speaking skills which have been emphasized in the prior two levels. Strong emphasis is placed on the acquisition of new vocabulary, reinforced by daily speaking and composition exercises. Additionally, the course concentrates on various activities designed to increase the student s threshold in reading comprehension, particularly when encountering longer texts with unfamiliar vocabulary. Supplementary materials represent widely differing subject matter at a challenging level of difficulty, and may include short books, lengthy articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, or readings from similar sources.

Upper Advanced - Level C2

The C2-Upper Advanced class is a finishing course for students with highly-developed language skills which helps the student concentrate on improving specific areas of proficiency.

Readings from major works of contemporary literature, assorted texts, films, television programs, and other audio-visual are used at this level. Writing exercises of moderate length are assigned regularly, for which the student is expected to conduct substantive background research. Outside of class, the student will select a book, with the approval of the teacher, for reading at home, and report verbally on his/her progress at several intervals during the course.

It is expected, at the conclusion of the course, that the student will be capable of speaking intelligently and articulately on both concrete and abstract topics, reading and writing with maturity and sophistication, and displaying confidence in the use of the second language in widely differing situations and contexts.

Fluency - Level C3

The C3-Fluency course attempts to bring the student to complete functional fluency. Particular attention is given to acquiring a deeper understanding of the connotation of words and the rhythm of the language. Students are expected to produce daily passages in clearly and precisely.

By the end of C3 the student will be prepared to discuss any topic and pursue instruction in any field at an university.

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