Elementary Language Levels

Elementary - Level A2

The student begins learning basic grammar and sentence construction, simple vocabulary, and grammatical terms. By the end, students will be comfortable with all tenses of the regular and irregular verb forms. These skills are reinforced through readings and exercises corresponding to each lesson, and numerous classroom drills.

Students frequently practice reading aloud in class with the aim of increasing comprehension, speed, confidence, and clarity of pronunciation. Short writing exercises are occasionally assigned to build familiarity with new vocabulary and grammatical constructions. In addition, a significant percentage of class time is devoted to oral drills and conversation.

Upper Elementary - Level A3

The A3 Upper Elementary course continues to reinforce reading and conversational ability, although increased attention is devoted to eveloping composition skills as a means of retaining new grammar and vocabulary. Simple articles from newspapers or magazines ("current" materials) are also introduced for developing reading comprehension and new vocabulary. It is expected that at the conclusion of this course the student will possess the ability to form simple, grammatically correct sentences with ease, pronounce words clearly and recognizably, read and comprehend basic texts, write brief compositions dealing with different topics, converse confidently and accurately on simple subjects, and demonstrate a solid understanding of the Language.

More Language Levels

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