Intermediate Language Levels

Intermediate - Level B

Students entering level two should be able to satisfy routine social demands, speak with some clarity, and read and write simple texts. This level teaches participants conversational skills that enable them to understand most non-technical conversations. Videotapes and newspapers are frequently utilized to reinforce oral and reading comprehension skills. Students gain increased confidence in grammar and syntax, and strong emphasis is placed on expanding the vocabulary base. By the end of this level, students should be able to speak with sufficient structural accuracy to participate in most informal conversations with ease. The student also learns Arabic proverbs and expressions, and how to employ them in the appropriate context. The three stages of level B are:

Lower Intermediate - Level B1

The Lower Intermediate B1 class concentrates heavily on expanding the reading and speaking vocabulary of the student in a number of specific subject areas including politics, economics, history, art, and culture. Daily newspaper and magazine clippings, short subjects and brief reading exercises from other sources are introduced as supplementary materials. In addition, the Lower Intermediate course stresses increased oral comprehension, using recorded television and radio news broadcasts as a regular classroom listening activity.

Intermediate - Level B2

The B2-Intermediate course retains the emphasis of the B1 class on developing the student s sophistication in the use of grammatical structures and new vocabulary for reading and speaking. Comprehension and vocabulary reinforcement exercises, employing pre-recorded radio and television programs and accompanying printed transcripts, are introduced regularly to reinforce the textbook and supplementary course materials.

A weekly oral and writing exercise on topics chosen by the students also forms an important component of this course. It is expected that students who successfully complete the B2 class will achieve a plateau of ability which will enable them to read, speak, and write on diverse subjects with a modest degree of assurance and fluency.

Upper Intermediate - Level B3

The B3-Upper Intermediate class refines the skills acquired in the B2 class. Students in Upper Intermediate are expected to prepare reports on various subjects, and present them to their class. At the conclusion of B3, students will be able to discuss complex abstract issues, to understand the general themes of radio and television broadcasts, and will have gained a wide grammatical knowledge.

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