Study English in Australia

  • Explore the great outback to personalize your adventure in Australia
  • Known for their kind and energetic people wherever you go!
  • Try the Australian fish and chips or any other seafood that is prepared from from their massive fishing industry

Australia is home to the biggest coral reef (the Great Barrier Reef) and the largest Monocline (Ayers Rock) on the planet! It’s a country of extremes too from mountains, wild outback, tropical rainforests, to the famous white beaches, this country is a haven for nature-lovers. 

The high quality of life in Australia is mostly a result of their beautiful surroundings, climate and economy. English is the de facto national language, and many enjoy the distinctive melody of the Australian accent. From old cave paintings to popular contemporary indigenous Australian art, the country also has a rich artistic history. The cuisine, too, is diverse – from the traditional Sunday roast brought over from Britain, to crocodile burgers and kangaroo medallions. Discover your personal Australia!