School Campus in Ottawa

The school in Ottawa is located in the heart of downtown. Our school is on the second floor in the business district, with easy access by stairs or elevator. On the ground floor there is an ice cream store, a delicatessen and a shawarma restaurant. It is minutes away from Parliament Hill, several museums, and the Rideau Mall, which is Ottawa's most popular shopping center. It is also conveniently located in the center of Ottawa's transportation system.

Varied social programme with activities and excursions to suit all tastes. Has the ability to offer French language courses upon request. Serious academic students have the option of 2 universities and a major college for further study.

School Facility Includes:

  • Welcoming and reception area.
  • Spacious classrooms with classrooms and access to audio-visual equipment.
  • Computer room with internet access via WiFi.
  • Student lounge, kitchenette, and a library service. Many restaurants and smaller shops are nearby.