English Courses in Boston

Our program is able to cater to all language levels right when students arrive at the school!

You’ll be provided full course materials as well as a variety of options to enhance your program and overall experience such as a study room, internet access, and student lounge. All our teachers at the school are native speakers who are qualified to teach English at any level of proficiency.

The course helps enhance your speaking, listening, grammar and general comprehension skills. Our teachers often use classroom discussions and activities such as role-playing and games as well as integrating current political, social and cultural events to add interest and increase knowledge of the host country and culture.

Types of Courses:

Part-Time Course

This part time course is not offered during the off-peak periods. This course introduces English in its natural setting, while also leaving one with plenty of free time to explore Boston and American culture. There are two lessons a day, each 45 minutes long totaling 10 lessons per week.

Standard Course

Students develop fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing, which ensures that proper grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation components are combined with everyday English use. There are four lessons per day, each 45 minutes long for a total of 20 in class lessons, along with 4 workshops per week.

Intensive Course

The ideal course for students eager to learn English intensively. Additional lessons give students an opportunity to focus on the various aspects and contexts of the English language and still participate in afternoon leisure activities. This course has six lessons a day, 30 lessons in a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes long.

One-to-One Course

The one-to-one course is the quickest and most intensive way to learn English. The content is agreed upon between the student and the teacher; an added bonus is that the course is not dependent on published course starting dates. The student can decide whether there are two, four, or six lessons in a given day.