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About Ireland

Think of Ireland… can you hear the soft, emotional music drifting over the green hills and lakes, or perhaps the gentle sound of a golfer hitting a ball, framed by a backdrop of rugged cliffs? Of course, this island – the third largest in the whole of Europe and situated off the west of Great Britain - offers more than pretty scenes such as these, including many cultural attractions and vibrant towns and cities.

The island is divided into two areas: the Republic of Ireland, a state, and the smaller Northern Ireland, a country which is part of the United Kingdom. Dublin is the largest city in the Republic, while Belfast is the largest in Northern Ireland.

The island has a long, rich history, and is now home to three World Heritage Sites. Several castles and monastic settlements are very popular among tourists. Ireland has been influenced by the Gaelic, English, American and general European cultures, but Irish designs are still recognizable in pieces of jewelry and architecture, for example. Traditional Irish art and dancing remain popular, as does a variety of sports, particularly horse and dog racing.