Learn Spanish in San Jose

  • Beaches, surfing, and happy people!
  • Great Spanish food that is ever increasingly influencing the world (i.e., burritos!)
  • The culture is so pleasant that it is not uncommon to see people live active lives well into their 100s.

Start learning Spanish in Costa Rica in the capital city of San José, founded in 1737 and has a pleasant mixture of traditional and modern Spanish architecture. San José also has several excellent museums, some great restaurants, colourful markets and a fine climate making it the perfect city for learning Spanish in Costa Rica. Mercado Central is the best market for bargains; it has a range of goods including lots of local leatherwork and some of the cheapest meals in town. Outside the city centre is the sprawling Sabana Park, which houses the Museum of Costa Rican Art in the former airport terminal. San José is also a great place to begin learning Spanish in Costa Rica as it is a great base for excursions into the beautiful Meseta Central region.

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