Volunteer Programs Abroad:

Volunteering is one of those things that many of us think about doing, but few people actually do. Those who do make the leap, however, are rewarded with an amazing experience!

One of the things that can be most daunting when planning a trip to volunteer abroad is working in a different language, and this is part of what makes doing a volunteer program with Languages Abroad so great. You can combine your fulfilling community work experience with immersive language classes for an even more rewarding journey.

Volunteering and studying abroad will help you become part of a new community, see the world, and make a real difference! It also looks great on a resume. All of our volunteer opportunities can be taken on their own or combined with our other programs for a multi-destination package. Read on for more information about some of our incredible volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer in Peru, Costa Rica, or Guatemala:

Our volunteer programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru provide unique opportunities to live and work in Latin America while you build your Spanish language skills. Most of our volunteer projects are in Cusco, Peru; San Jose, Costa Rica; and La Antigua, Guatemala, but we also have programs in the Sacred Valley and Puerto Maldonado (Peru), the Pacific and Caribbean coastal areas (Costa Rica), and Guatemala City (Guatemala). 


Volunteer & Internship Opportunities Include:

  • Orphanages/Childcare
  • Teaching English
  • Conservation & Environmental Projects
  • Construction
  • Healthcare (medical & non-medical)


Working With Children:

Poverty, abuse, and addiction have left many children in Latin America without families. There a number of orphanages working to change these children’s situation by providing a caring and nurturing environment. However, these charitable organizations are often under-funded and need as much help as people are willing to give. Volunteers are primarily tasked with spending quality time with the children – playing with them, talking with them, and helping them with their homework.

Outside of the orphanages, there are many more poor children living on the street. Fortunately, there exist a variety of ongoing education, recreation, and healthcare projects to help these boys and girls. Programs for street children focus on providing them with food, shelter, and education.

Depending on individual skills and interests, volunteers can be mentors, help children with their school work, and teach English. However, your love and support are what these children need most!


Conservation & Environmental Projects:

Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala are three of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, and it’s important that we protect the wildlife in all three. Join environmentalists, scientists, and other professionals in protecting some of Earth’s greatest natural wonders. Projects include:

  • Turtle Conservation
  • Animal Care
  • Reforestation
  • Environmental Education & Clean Up
  • Organic Farming


Construction Projects:

Volunteering for a construction project is one of the best ways to learn practical skills and provide communities with lasting benefits. Projects usually involve repairing or building new homes and schools for rural villages or orphaned children. All volunteers will have the expert guidance of our coordinators and all construction projects are organized and led by professional foreman, architects, and engineers.

Medical/Healthcare Projects:

Our medical projects give volunteers the opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities. These projects are geared towards students in the health sciences and fall into two categories, Healthcare and Medical.


These placements are usually in specialized living facilities where volunteers help people who are mentally or physically disabled, the elderly, or children & adults infected with HIV. Volunteers are involved with all facets of the care process including providing companionship, changing beds, conversation-talk therapy, workshops (e.g. exercise, dental care), and arts and crafts. At the end of your volunteer placement we will provide you with a reference letter and certificate of service. These placements are best for students in Years 1 & 2 of Medical School, Nursing School, or other Health Science programs.


Our medical projects give volunteers the opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities. Our volunteers get an extraordinary window into the health care system of another country as they usually work alongside doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical professionals. The amount of activity and patient involvement varies in each location. Medical students must understand that they may not always be providing direct patient care because laws and regulations vary from country to country. These positions are open to Licensed Medical Professionals and students in Years 3 & 4 of Medical School.

Accommodation & Facilities:

Our programs include homestay accommodation (living with a host family). Rooms are shared and students will receive two meals a day. All programs also include airport transfers, orientation, project management, and weekly salsa lessons. These programs do not include Spanish language lessons but we can always add them on for you. Just contact us for more information.                                                            

Volunteer in Chile:

Our volunteer programs in Chile take participants to work with local organizations that benefit people in need. We have a variety of projects throughout Chile so you can choose one that best suits your particular skills and interests. Most placements are in hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and social foundations. Full-time volunteer work requires between 30 and 45 hours of your time from Monday to Friday. This is a great way to help others, build a resume, and show your social commitment abroad!

Spanish Course + Volunteer Work in Chile

Volunteer part-time while you take Spanish classes abroad. In addition to full-time volunteer work positions, we also provide the opportunity to volunteer on a part-time basis. Part-time volunteer work requires just two afternoons a week and you’ll have Spanish classes on weekday mornings.                                                          


You can get to know more about Chilean culture by living with a host family or you can choose to live with other volunteers in a shared apartment. 

Please contact us for more information!

Volunteer in Portugal:

Learn Portuguese and volunteer in Faro or Lisbon, Portugal! You’ll have Portuguese language classes in the morning and volunteer in the afternoon or on weekends. As a student, you decide how many hours you want to put in. These volunteer positions specialize in working with children, the elderly, and community centres. Programs are a minimum of 4 weeks, and previous language experience or preparatory classes may be required depending on the volunteer position.


You may choose to live with a host family in a homestay accommodation or in a shared apartment with other volunteers.

We're always looking for new projects, so please contact us for more information on volunteer programs around the world!