Testimonials - Spanish in Madrid

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. The teachers and locals were both friendly and helpful. The city is beautiful and interesting. The accommodation provided needed a little bit of maintenance work done, but apart from that it was very nice. The location of our apartment was perfect. Every aspect of the school and program was of a very high standard. I really enjoyed this course. The area was beautiful and the people were very friendly. There was plenty to do in the evenings and the cost of living was incredibly cheap. I loved the experience and hope to return again next year.”
(Mairtín, age 28)


The location of the school and the apartment could not possibly be more central: Within easy walking distance of some of the highlights and the living pulse of Madrid.”
(Paul, age 59)


"The teachers encouraged me to learn as quickly as possible by using humor and taking the time to explain what I could not understand."
(Veronica, age 21)


"It was fabulous! I learned so much - not only about the Spanish language and culture, but about myself as well! I had the time of my life. The teachers were great, the school was great! I just wish I would have gone for more than two weeks!"
(Nicole King, age 27)


"I was really happy to meet many different people of various nationalities at the school in Madrid. I particularly liked this. Not only do you learn about the Spanish culture but also about many others. I can certainly recommend a stay at the school. I never thought that the teachers and staff would be so helpful."