Travel for Free - All you need to do is round up a group of 8 travellers!

Languages Abroad Group Travel

Travel to a special part of the world with family, friends, classmates or colleagues; learning a language and studying the roots of culture and identity. 

Whatever your background or interests, our professional team is here to help you create the exact experience you and your group are looking for! 

When you organize a group program, you'll receive a wide-range of benefits for your hard work and dedication. 

For every 3 travelers you bring, we'll waive one registration fee.

For every 5 travelers you bring, you'll receive one course at 1/2 price. 

For every 8 travelers you bring, you'll earn one free spot.

With over 90 destinations around the world and a team dedicated to your trip, we'll take care of all the logistics so you can share your passion for travel and language as easily as possible!

Read through our guide on getting inspired, working closely with our travel consultants, recruiting your group of travelers and preparing for your journey!

Customize your trip exactly how you want it. Choose from over 19 languages, 90 destinations and endless cultural activities to fit your groups wants and needs. 

Discover the many perks you can benefit from by simply organizing a language or travel adventure program for you and your travel group. 

Our professional team of customer service representatives is ready to help you throughout the entire process of planning your very own travel program!