Top 9 Paris Blogs

Paris is one of the most iconic, beautiful, and frequently visited cities in the world. Not everyone loves Paris, but those who do, love it with a passion. This sprawling, elegant metropolis is often at the centre of conflict and confusion, but more often it’s at the heart of art, creativity, and the distinctly animated, eccentric, and fantastic French experience. As a world-capital for food, fashion, art, and shopping, it`s no surprise that the internet is brimming with bloggers talking about why they love Paris (and why you should too!), so we`ve put together a list of some of our favourite writers blogging about life in the City of Lights!

Prête-Moi Paris was created and is primarily maintained by Melissa Ladd, an American writer who has been living in Paris, her muse, since 2002. On Prête-Moi Paris, readers will find a variety of cheerful posts about the best spots to find comfort food and fabulous, often offbeat, fashion in the City of Lights. Thanks to Melissa’s American upbringing, Prête-Moi Paris is particularly well-suited to North Americans looking to work and travel in this incredible city. Melissa regularly includes articles from several contributors who are also the Paris obsessed creative types, writers, and business people working in food, fashion, and beyond. Melissa`s witty writing style is what really makes this blog. She’s funny, thoughtful, thorough, opinionated, and bien séance most of the time. If you`re an American in Paris (or plan on being one), then Prête-Moi Paris is a must-read! 



Solli’s Lifestyle is an incredibly beautiful blog by Solli, a photographer and Swedish expat living in Paris. This artistic blogger is a self-described bonne vivante who shares glimpses of her world through her superb photos. Like many other Paris bloggers, Solli writes about travel, fashion, food & restaurants, nightlife spots, hotels, etc. but she also covers current events and discusses prominent French issues in a candid and compelling manner. The website itself is very well laid out to beautifully showcase Solli’s pictures, and her photos of food are particularly tempting. Fortunately, she doesn’t just taunt readers with delicious food-photos like oh so many other bloggers, she also shares some awesome French recipes so you can try the pictured culinary creations out for yourself. If you’re in Paris, Solli even lets you know where and when to get the best seasonal and artisanal produce. Overall, Solli’s Lifestyle is the perfect blog for foodies and travellers looking for a lux Paris experience.

Secrets of Paris by writer, publisher, and public speaker Heather Stimmler-Hall has been around since 1999, and originally started as a way for Heather to share and supplement her ‘Secrets of Paris’ newsletters. Since then, Secrets of Paris has grown into a valuable visitor resource guide, calendar, and custom private tour company that’s popular with residents and visitors alike. As much as Secrets of Paris is a tourism website, it doesn’t feel touristy, which is refreshing given that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Every post is well written, thoughtfully researched, entertaining, and visually interesting. With so much great content it’s easy to find yourself clicking through articles and learning about Paris for hours. Even though Heather offers custom Private Paris tours (which sound amazing) Secrets of Paris isn’t selling you anything, it’s just an amalgamation of fun and fascinating information for the Paris fanatic in all of us!

Eye Prefer Paris is an ‘insider's guide’ to Paris written by Richard Nahem, an ex-New Yorker who now lives in Paris’s fashionable Marais district. The blog is a companion for Richard’s extensive Paris walking tours on which he personally takes visitors to the many charming places he writes about. Even if you’re not planning on taking a tour, Richard’s many awesome destination suggestions and reviews make Eye Prefer Paris a great resources for anyone either visiting or living in Paris. Eye Prefer Paris has a lot of content but two categories in particular stand out – Architecture, and his restaurant review series. The articles in the architecture section are reflective, poetic, and include plenty of beautiful photos. The restaurant review series is helpful for all types of visitors and includes a wide-range of must visit establishments across the magnificent city of lights.  It is France after all, how could we not talk about food!? Overall, it would be difficult to find a better blog to treat your burgeoning art and culture side. Check it out!

Also, be sure to sign up for one of Richards fascinating tours to get an inside look at Paris and its many hidden gems!

Savoir Faire Paris is the perfect Parisian Concierge service for English speakers – this amazing company offers professional and passionate personal assistants (for anybody in Paris, residing or visiting), and keeps a fantastic blog! Created by American expat Sasha Romary, the SFP blog shares content from a number of contributors writing about all things Parisian. Here you’ll find great travel suggestions if you’re looking for something different, including guides to some of Paris’ lesser-known neighbourhoods like Montreuil and Belleville, alongside helpful posts like the ‘SPF’s Men’s Gift Guide’, for the Paris enthusiast anywhere. Overall Savoir Faire Paris is the perfect blog for locals and visitors alike looking for insider information and top-notch recommendations, delivered in an efficient yet enthusiastic style!

Paris for Seniors is a unique, extremely helpful, and entertaining niche blog about the City of Lights. Father and daughter team Genevieve and Keith Spicer work together to create articles, travel itineraries and helpful videos for seniors visiting or moving to Paris.  Their You Tube channel features videos about personal safety, how to order in a restaurant, and tips on interacting with French shop-keepers. The PFS  newsletter posts range from the pragmatic to the dramatic and include articles on everything from where to find senior discounts and city-guides for people with mobility issues to informative lists like where to find the greatest organs in Paris (with brief historical accounts of the famous organists who played them). Besides being practical, Paris for Seniors is also quite fun to read. The G&G section of the blog, which stands for ‘Grandpa & Gracie’ chronicles the experiences of Keith and his granddaughter in this iconic city. In this wonderful series Keith describes a monument or other Parisian attraction he has visited with his granddaughter and then she writes her own impressions of the experience. These pieces really showcase the way a timeless city like Paris can bring together different generations, and is definitely a top resource for young people and older people who are planning a trip together! Paris for Seniors also offers the  “Mon Ami in Paris” custom itinerary planning service which includes organizing private, senior-friendly bilingual guides and drivers to make sure visitors feel safe and comfortable while visiting this busy, beautiful world capital.  Check it out now!

God, I Love Paris chronicles the life and times of creative director Amy Thomas, who first moved to Paris over six years ago. The blog certainly has some suggestions for things to see and do in Paris but reading God, I Love Paris is less about trip-planning and more about sharing in someone else’s journey. It’s a witty, well-written story about a woman moving to Paris  and making her way through a fairy tale existence of macarons and bonbons. Amy has developed quite an extensive network of other talented female authors. A number of the posts on God, I Love Paris are fascinating interviews with some of these writers. Between these interviews and her own story God, I Love Paris becomes a blog about creative, unconventional women learning, growing, and creating, all set in the City of Lights!

Love in the City of Lights is the personal blog of successful handbag designer and American expat Kasia Dietz. Here, she shares her musing and memoirs of her life in Paris. As much as this is a personal blog, Kasia’s stories offer readers an enchanting window into the inspiring and often perplexing Parisian experience from a non-native perspective. Her posts also take readers beyond Paris as she chronicles her travels to other iconic European destinations, including Sicily and Andalucía. She’s married to a man who she affectionately calls ‘my Italian’ throughout the blog so it comes as no surprise that she frequently visits and posts about destinations in Italy, which can be a weekend trip for a Parisian (isn’t Europe wonderful!). You can also check out Love in the City of Lights for contests & giveaways (usually some of Kasia’s fabulous bags) and you can count on this blog for beautiful photography. Kasia’s Instagram was recently named one of the 20 Paris Instagram accounts to Follow by Bonjour Paris. Check out Love in the City of Lights for unique and entertaining articles about the inspiring life of a fashion designer in Paris!

Colleen’s Paris is an awesome blog that offers information about Paris, its history, events, and general information. Colleen herself has been in Paris since 1992 and the blog has been around since 2002. As much as she says the website isn’t all encompassing, it’s certainly comprehensive, offering advice on what to see if you’re a family, single traveler etc., how to get there, as well as a thorough ‘how to find’ section that includes the usual topics – hotels, restaurants, as well as more interesting and unusual categories like where to find horse races and cemeteries. The ‘What’s on’ section is regularly updated and makes readers aware of various events and exhibitions going on in Paris. Paris is full of haute couture so some travellers find themselves stuck for activities to do with children and teens. Fortunately Colleen dedicates a whole section to distinctly Parisian activities that are appropriate for this age group. Treasure hunts, shopping, even a downloadable pet-cemetery map if you have a teen with some occult sensibilities. I recommend this blog to anyone planning a Paris trip but particularly to families and teachers travelling with kids & teens! Check It Out Now! You should also have a look at her Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for lots of Paris activity!