Study and Live with Your Own Private Teacher

We offer this unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. We offer a choice of 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for students of any age of student and of any language level.

Program Benefits

  • Private, live-in program tailored to your specific language needs
  • Classes, activities and conversations in the local language
  • Cultural experience with wonderful local families
  • All meals included (learn and help prepare local dishes)
  • Additional options: sports, cultural excursions, private bathroom etc.
  • Flexible hours: 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours a week - YOUR CHOICE!
  • No traveling to / from school
  • Reputable program running for almost 30 years!

Program Details

Established for nearly 30 years, our private immersion language programs now boast over 2000 private teachers worldwide.

By living and studying in your own personal teacher’s home, you live in the language and you can’t avoid learning. As soon as the student wakes each morning, the lesson begins, from chatting over breakfast to the end of the day, just relaxing and watching TV, the language spoken is the language you are studying.

Our in-home classes are designed to help the student improve the language via communicative teaching methods. Outside of the structured classes, all conversations and activities are in the local language and your teacher will be informally instructing and correcting mistakes throughout the day.

This is a full language immersion approach, which makes this method very effective and gives the student a true insight into the language and lifestyle of their new culture.

Our Teachers

Our teachers come from various backgrounds:

  • Full time professional native school teachers whom choose to host and teach international students during their summer vacations.
  • Retired professional teachers who are pleased to host students year round, allowing them the chance to meet interesting people from around the world.
  • Female teachers who have taken time off from teaching full time in order to raise their children or for other reasons.


All teachers are professional, interesting and kind individuals. We are excellent at matching our students with the right teacher/ family but if for any reason our students do not feel comfortable they merely inform us and we will have them moved. We also have regional organizers who monitor our families and are on call to solve any problems our students may encounter.

Given sufficient notice, we can also place the student with a teacher who has similar interests, hobbies or career background. We actually consider the choice of family to be more important than a specific location.

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Locations & Languages

We offer this language opportunity in the following countries and locations worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: We will make every effort to place you in your chosen town or region, we also consider the choice of family to be as important as the specific town or region. If we do not have a family in your area, we will suggest another region.

Available Languages & Locations

United Arab Emirates, all regions
China, Beijing region
China, Shanghai region
Czech Republic, Prague region
Denmark, Copenhagen region
Belgium, Flanders region
Netherlands, Amsterdam region
Netherlands, Central Holland region
Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, UK & USA
Finland, Helsinki region
Canada, Quebec City region
France, Brittany region
France, Cote d' Azur region
France, Rhone-Alpes region
France, Loire Valley region
France, Normandy region
France, Paris region
France, Provence region
Switzerland, Geneva region
At least 2 months notice required
Ireland, Cork, Dublin, Limerick & Galway regions
Austria, Vienna region
Germany, Bavaria region
Germany, Berlin region
Germany, Frankfurt region
Germany, Freiburg region
Germany, Hamburg region
Germany, Stuttgart region
Germany, Munich region
Germany, Westphalia region
Switzerland, Basel region
Hungary, Budapest region
Italy, Asti region
Italy, Genoa + Italian Riviera
Italy, Milan region
Italy, Naples region
Italy, Rome region
Italy, Tuscany region
Italy, Venice region
Japan, Tokyo region
Norway, Oslo region
Poland, Warsaw region
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro region
Portugal, Lisbon region
At least 2 months notice required for visa
Russia, St.Petersburg region
Costa Rica, San Jose region
Cuba, Havana region
Spain, Barcelona region
Spain, Basque Country region
Spain, Granada region
Spain, Madrid region
Spain, Malaga region
Spain, Salamanca region
Spain, Seville region
Spain, Tenerife
Spain, Valencia region
Sweden, Stockholm region
Sweden, Scania region

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Additional Options

Students can choose to add one of the following options to their language course:

Business course - designed for professionals who need to study specific vocabulary and terms related to their skill (medicine, law, engineering, etc).

Five star luxury - we offer a select number of host families who provide a more luxurious standard of accommodation and food.

Cocooning - closer supervision available for all minor students, this option is mandatory for students aged 12 or under (Austria - 18 years old). The Standard Course does not oblige the teacher or member of the family to spend all their time with the student.  This closer supervision option guarantees that the teacher or an adult member of the family is around AT ALL TIMES, but does not guarantee specific activities.

Activities - students can book extra activities with their teacher or another adult family member (minimum 5 hours of activities per week) if they wish to do a specific activity. However, this must be pre-arranged at the time of registration.

Sports Programs - language and sports combined for a fun-filled course! Students practice their favorite sport 3 times a week with a professional instructor and also receive 10 hours of language instruction.

These options are available for an additional charge, please visit our Price Page for more information.

You would like to know which activities are available in your preferred country of destination? Please email us at or call us at +52 984 149 0696.

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