Study & Learn Chinese

Study Chinese abroad and start discovering more of China's rich history, culture, and traditions!

Chinese is the official language of 5 countries and spoken worldwide by 1.3 billion native speakers. There are many different dialects, but Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken one both in China and the world!

Knowing Mandarin Chinese is becoming more and more important in international business due to the rapid growth of Asian markets. Learning Mandarin can allow you to make new friends and participate in international business!

When you study Chinese abroad with one of our programs, you'll be able to interact with locals, learn more about Chinese history, and above all you'll be constantly improving your Mandarin skills abroad!

Study Chinese in Beijing. Home of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square!

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Study Chinese in Hong Kong, where you can feel the buzz of culture in every corner of the city!

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Walk along the iconic Bund and experience modern China while you learn Chinese in Shanghai.

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Study Chinese in Taiwan and visit the night markets where they can find cheap food into the late hours.

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