Academic Information

What can a language program offer me other than classroom time?

Believe it or not it is fun most of the time, even while you're in class. Our programs are geared to provide complete immersion, which means learning by experience not only by traditional means within the classroom.

Most of our Languages Abroad schools offer language instruction in the morning, which gives you enough free time every day to explore a new part of the city or the surrounding area with your international classmates. Our schools also plan weekly activities for all the students, which is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and discover different aspects of the culture. 

Unless you are a complete beginner, you must take a placement on the first day of school to determine your language level. Only then, will the school be able to place you in the correct class. Our courses focus on all aspects of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Class material is presented in an interactive manner, not a boring lecture format.

Languages Abroad also offers special programs such as summer camps for teenagers, business courses or courses for mature students.