Study Spanish Abroad

Discover the many advantages to be had when you study Spanish abroad. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and spoken worldwide by approximately 400 million native speakers and 500 million as second language. Spanish is the second most known language in the world, especially in Latin America, making it hugely important to study Spanish abroad. Mexico has the world's largest Spanish speaking population.

Study Spanish abroad gives you the opportunity to interact with the local community to quickly improve your language skills, while discovering the unique way of life of the people in your host country. You'll get an inside look with our guided tours and excursions while also exploring the city on your own or with your new friends and classmates!

Our Spanish immersion programs combine in-class instruction with cultural activities that promote the immediate application of the language. when the student is able to use these newly acquired language skills immediately outside the classroom, success rates increase significantly. 

Discover Latin culture and traditions when you study Spanish abroad!

Study Spanish in Argentina and let the tango spirit inspire you!

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Study Spanish in Ecuador, and expect great weather year round!

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Study Spanish in Costa Rica and visit its beautiful beaches!

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Study Spanish in Mexico and get get involved in Mexican culture!

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Learn Spanish in Cuba, a country absolutely ready for tourists!

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Study Spanish in Spain and take a look at its modernist architecture!

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Destinations to learn Spanish

Argentina  |  Bolivia  |  Chile  |  Costa Rica  |  Cuba  |  Ecuador  |  Guatemala  |  Mexico  |  Peru  |  Spain