About Us

Since 1983, we have been helping students achieve their language learning goals. Our study abroad programs are designed to fully immerse students in the natural environment of the target language. We offer language programs for various age groups - teens and adults. We also offer tailor-made programs to combine your language learning with your personal interests. Perfect your French in three different cities with Language Traveller, Live & Learn with your own private teacher in Tokyo, or take a Language Activity Holiday and learn to salsa while speaking Spanish in Havana! What makes Languages Abroad stand out from other travel organizations is our service-focused approach. Contact us and see for yourself!

Why Study Abroad?

By traveling abroad you open the doors to many new ways of thinking, acting and living. This experience will lead to adjustments, personal growth and a far greater understanding of the way of life in other parts of the world. By adopting a sense of adventure, as well as humor, curiosity and patience, you will ease the transition into your new surroundings.

The world and business is getting smaller and new employers look favorably at job applicants who speak another language and have international study or work experience. We believe that studying abroad is a "must" and probably the most fun and rewarding educational experience ever!

Why study with Languages Abroad?