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Please be advised these Terms & Conditions are effective November 16, 2010 and override any previously written and/or printed versions.

By signing the Languages Abroad enrollment form you are stating that you have read and agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions of Languages Abroad.


It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and all visas required to enter the country of the chosen country. You should allow sufficient time to apply for any required visas or permits. Only the consulate or embassy of the country you are visiting can advise you on the necessity of a visa and the time frame needed to apply for it.

Please note: Should you require an invitation letter from the school in order to apply for a visa for the country of the program, you must request this at the time of enrollment. Languages Abroad charges a non-refundable fee of $120 USD for all invitations/letters, to be paid with the enrollment fees. Should you require the letter to be sent via a courier, there will be an additional fee of $60 USD involved. Visa letters will only be sent to once full payment of your program fees has been received and the program has been confirmed. Should your visa be declined or if it has not been received, our policies are as follows:

14 days or more before departure:

  • You may postpone your program once without penalty OR
  • Provide Languages Abroad with a copy of your visa refusal and receive a refund of all fees minus $250 USD.


Less than 14 days before departure:

  • You may postpone your program for an additional fee of $75 USD OR
  • Should you choose to cancel your program (for any reason) within 14 days of departure, normal cancellation fees will apply.

Should you choose to postpone your program for any length of time, a new letter of acceptance will need to be issued and sent to the embassy by you (some charges may apply).


We encourage students to pay in full at the time of enrollment; however, at minimum, a deposit and enrollment form must be received before Languages Abroad will attempt a booking. Programs involving more than one location will have separate deposits due for each program. The following non-refundable deposits are required of all students:

For programs under $2000:
A non-refundable $400 USD deposit is due.

For programs exceeding $2000:
A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total fees is due.

We will accept the following forms of payment: Credit Card, Check (made payable to "SCI Travel Ltd."), Money Order or Bank Transfer. Should you choose to make a bank transfer, our bank details are available upon request.


A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of enrollment. See above.

The balance of all program fees is always due no later than 45 days before the program start date. If final payment has not been received by 21 days prior to the start date, Languages Abroad has the right to cancel the program with no notice. All deposits are absolutely non-refundable in this case.

For programs booked less than 45 days prior to the start date, full payment is due.


All program changes must be made in writing to Languages Abroad at least 2 weeks in advance of the change or program start. The date of the notification will be considered to be the date our office receives your email or fax notice. Any additional payments due because of the change must be paid immediately. Any refunds owed will be sent by wire transfer upon completion of the program.

Prior to Program Start:

Should you change your program (dates, course type, accommodation and/or meal options) any time prior to departure, you will be charged a change fee of $75 USD. This fee will be waived if you upgrade your program.

After Program Start:

Should you change your program (not including early returns - see below) once you have started, you must notify Languages Abroad in writing at least 2 weeks in advance. Changes will be made only to the full course weeks in excess of the 2-week notice period. In this case a change fee of $150 USD is due immediately.

A maximum of four (4) changes will be allowed to any program, whether prior to or after the program start.


Notice of cancellation must be made in writing directly to Languages Abroad. The date of the cancellation will be considered to be the date the written notification is received by our office. The deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation by you.

45 or more business days prior to departure:
deposit is non-refundable

30-44 Business days prior to departure:
70% refund of program fees

15-29 Business days prior to departure:
50% refund of program fees

1-14 Business days prior to departure:
10% refund of program fees

Day of cancellation or no show:
No refund

A cancellation insurance is available at 2% of the total amount (minimum $75). The insurance fee must be settled at time of registration and will only apply if you cancel prior to departure due to health reasons (a written confirmation from the relevant doctor is required as proof). The cancellation insurance is not available for the Live&Learn program.


All refunds are processed within 2 - 4 weeks and issued by bank wire transfer or credit card (only if you have paid the program fees with a credit card). Languages Abroad cannot guarantee a specific date on which you will receive the payment. Clients must provide the following details in order to have a transfer completed:



If you arrive late to a course or are absent during a course, no refunds will be granted for the missed days. Classes cancelled in honor of local public holidays will not be made up and are not subject to any refund. For your convenience, specific public holiday dates can be found on the school price page on our website. We list holidays as accurately as we can; however, this information is intended only as a guide and is not guaranteed.


No refund will be given for early returns. However, if you must cancel your program due to a personal emergency, please notify Languages Abroad in writing as soon as possible prior to your departure from the program and we will review your claim. Languages Abroad reserves the right to make final decision on any refunds.


You must inform the school staff immediately of any situation affecting the quality of your program (including, but not limited to, course or accommodation). Languages Abroad reserves the right to refuse a refund if you have declined to accept reasonable solutions offered to you by the school staff or Languages Abroad. Matters outside of the control of the school or Languages Abroad shall not be considered for refunds.


Unless otherwise noted in your confirmation letter, accommodation is available on the Sunday before the course begins until the Saturday following the end of the course. Extra night accommodation can be booked at the time of enrollment for an additional cost (subject to availability).

We strongly recommend that you wait to book flights until Languages Abroad has confirmed your program.

If you have booked an airport pick-up or one is included in the program of your choice, Languages Abroad must receive your arrival information at least 2 weeks prior to your start date. Airport pick-up includes transportation from the airport directly to your accommodation only.

If you have no airport pick-up booked or included and do not send us your arrival information, we cannot guarantee that your family/landlord will be available to greet you upon arrival. Any additional costs (hotel, taxis, etc) incurred due to your failure to provide Languages Abroad with your arrival information at least 2 weeks in advance are your responsibility.


Upon arrival, all students (except absolute beginners) will take a written or oral test to determine at what level they should begin their studies. This placement test normally takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. For some schools, an online test may be available and will be sent to you via email prior to your program.

It is possible, though not common, that the results of the placement tests lead to cases of only a few students at a particular level. In these cases the school reserves the right to continue the instruction as private or semi-private lesson with a reduction in the number of classroom hours. These situations are to be considered an upgrade to the program at no extra cost.


Throughout our brochures and website we refer to numbers of "lessons." All lessons last a minimum of 45 minutes. Classes are scheduled either in the morning or the afternoon. Languages Abroad CANNOT guarantee specific scheduling requests. Scheduling is set by each school and may be affected by the program selected, the scheduling of classes after placement tests, number of students enrolled in the school, etc.


Many schools offer organized activities. Depending on the activity offered, there may be a cost involved. The amount relates directly to the activity and its related costs (bus fares, museum entrance fees, etc).


Languages Abroad programs are designed for adults 18 years of age and over. Languages Abroad cannot be held responsible for providing supervision of any kind either through the schools or through the host families. Participants are expected to be courteous and respectful guests. Illegal drug use or abusive behavior at any age or alcoholic consumption by minors will not be tolerated.

Languages Abroad reserves the right to refuse to serve, to cancel and/or terminate participation for any person who fails to comply with the policies of the program provider (eg. the school, tour operator, program organizer) or for any other reason deemed necessary in the sole discretion of Languages Abroad. We also reserve the right (without escort and without refund) to send home any participant who violates the rules stated above. The return trip will be at the expense of the participant.


Languages Abroad programs are designed for and attended by adults. Some programs will make an exception to the minimum age of 18. However, students and parents must be aware that it is likely that they will be the only student under the age of 18 attending the program at that time and that activities will be suitable for adults (this may include evenings spent at local bars). Neither Languages Abroad nor the school or host family will provide any kind of supervision for anyone under 18 attending an adult program.

All students under the age of 18 must include a completed waiver signed by both themselves and their parents with their enrollment. No enrollment will be considered without a signed waiver.


While participating, participants may be exposed to certain risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, accident and/or sickness without readily available medical facilities, the forces of nature, acts of war. By signing the enrollment form the participant is acknowledging and assuming these risks.

Participants in any Languages Abroad program waive any liability against Languages Abroad and its employees for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to means of transportation or lodging (including host families). The participant understands that he/she is traveling under his/her own responsibility (if a minor, the parents or guardian assumes this responsibility) and releases Languages Abroad and its employees from any liability related to health and safety.

Languages Abroad shall be responsible for providing the services outlined to the participant. In the event that the services and accommodation outlined cannot be provided due to causes beyond the control of Languages Abroad, all efforts will be made to provide comparable services and accommodation. If, due to insufficient enrollment, a class or program has to be cancelled, Languages Abroad shall only be responsible for reimbursing the participant the amount of moneys paid for the program (excluding any transportation expenses).

By signing the Languages Abroad enrollment form you are stating that you have read and agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions of Languages Abroad.


By agreeing to our general terms and conditions you are accepting that Languages Abroad has the right to use any photos, video and sound recordings which may be produces without cost implication or the need for a separate authorisation from you.d in the course of a language programme. These materials may be used by us for promotional purposes. 

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