Safety & Security Measures

Safety & Security Measures - Study Abroad - Summer Camp - Language Courses - Learn Languages

All sports and activities are done under the supervision of our trained staff. There is a constant staff-to-camper ratio that must be maintained at all times. This ratio varies based on location of the language immersion program, age of the students, and the activity or excursion.

All of our language camps meet all security requirements set by local authorities. Regardless of where the language immersion program is held, all participants are under the jurisdiction of the host country’s national legal system throughout the duration of their program. Also, students are not permitted to operate any motorized vehicles or drive a car, even if they have a legal driver’s license.

Upon being hired by Teenagers Abroad, staff members become trained to be able to take care of young, international students. Therefore, they are equipped with the skills needed to handle any health or safety concerns that may arise. Moreover, before hiring any staff member, a personal, educational, and professional background check is completed by our management.

Students with concerns of any kind should take them immediately to the camp director. All senior staff members speak several languages, which allows for students to communicate fully in emergency situations.

Safety regulations and guidelines vary depending on camp location, age of participants, accommodation offered, etc… Upon enrollment, you will be provided with your language immersion program’s specific regulations.

We have a thorough selection procedure that we follow before choosing any families to be a host family to students. Once chosen, families are regularly visited by a staff member to ensure that they maintain the high standard of living required to host one of our students. Host families must also live relatively close to the school and offer a clean, safe and comfortable living space to the student.

Again, all campus and school safety information will be provided in the pre-departure information package, after you have enrolled in one of the Teenagers Abroad programs.

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