What We Like About English in Sydney:

  • Located along the beautiful and iconic coastline of Australia
  • Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and showcases the country’s history and development.
  • Sydney offers a mix of culture and activity for students of all interests.
  • It is rapidly becoming one of the major cities of new millennium and a valuable place to visit and explore.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and, with 4.5 million inhabitants, also the most populous. Sydney straddles two geographic regions: the Cumberland Plain and the North Shore.

The Cumberland Plain is relatively flat and is the site of the first European developments while the North Shore is hilly with steep valleys the two were connected in 1932 with the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which remains a major landmark and impressive feat of engineering.

Sydney also has nearly 70 beaches in the urban area the most famous being Bondi Beach from the aboriginal word “Bondi” which means “sound of water breaking over rocks”. This is an extremely popular destination for surfers while festivals like the Miss Bondi beauty pageant and the Bowl-A-Rama skateboarding competition has gained its reputation among tourists.