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We are one of the largest network of language schools and travel agencies in the world with over 35 years of experience. Our language immersion programs are offered in 90 destinations, 35 countries, specializing in 19 + languages. 

We are also the leaders in tailor-made programs for  groups or individuals of teenagers (13+), adults (18+) and 50+.  We offer a wide-range of specialized programs through study abroad, language immersion programs, university and college pathway programs, au pair programs, internships, volunteer programs, travel adventure packages, locally led and faculty led programs and cultural trips.

On an annual basis, we send out approximately 55, 000 students from over 90 countries and over 60 cultural backgrounds.

Have a look through our website or contact us directly and embark on your own unique and stimulating learning experience! Discover an active and dynamic way of life through our programs and services! 

Our Most Popular Languages:

Learn the world's most widely spoken language in 1 of 5 countries! Discover the beauty of Australia, Canada, England, Malta or the USA as you continue to build your English skills!

Perhaps the world's most eloquent language, Languages Abroad offers Italian courses in the country's most magnificent locations including Capo Vaticano, Florence, Rome and Taormina. 

Another language of romance, Spanish is the third most studied language in the world. Study Spanish in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina or Ecuador. 

Study one of the most recognized languages in Asia! With over 80 million speakers worldwide, Korean is gaining momentum of a global scale. Study Korean with Languages Abroad in Seoul. 

German is the official language of six different countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Study one of Europe's most influential languages with us today!

The official language of romance. Learn French where it originated in France, or study in other French-speaking nations such as Canada, Monaco, Morocco or Switzerland. 

Specialized Programs

Study at a renowned post-secondary institution in Canada or the United States of America through the Languages Abroad Pathways Program Read more...

Go abroad to beautiful Canada this year and experience Canadian culture and lifestyle in our new High School Pathways program with Languages Abroad! Read more...

Get your TEFL/TESOL Certificate online, or abroad in Peru, Costa Rica, or Guatemala! Read more...

Advance your career now with our intensive business courses! Now offered in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and at all of our Live & Learn destinations!