Testimonials - Russian in St. Petersburg

The educational experience I received was outstanding and of a greater quality than I expected. The teachers were competent and sharp, the home-stay was a great experience, and the extra-curricular activities provided by the school aided the educational process. Also, the staff was great. I would highly recommend this school. I loved the school and, more specifically, the teachers. My experience says "go for it."

I loved the entire experience. Prior to leaving, the staff at LA helped me get adequately prepared so that I felt I knew what I was getting into. And once I arrived and got into the program, I was more than satisfied. Excellence marked everything about the school. I was very happy with my entire experience.”
(John, age 28)


I gained much more from my experience in Russia than I had anticipated. While I did meet my goal of gaining proficiency in another language, I also was able to truly understand the culture and people of Russia, meet amazing friends from all over the globe, and ultimately gain an even greater appreciation for my own country. My general impression of the school/program is that students do learn to speak Russian or improve their language proficiency regardless of what class they re in and everyone can find something in Russia that is enjoyable, and make lasting friendships.

I would definitely recommend that they take private lessons rather than group lessons because it s hard to match students abilities to form groups.  So I think that you can get a lot more out of an individual session because the entire lesson is tailored to your weaknesses and areas of interest.”
(Kristin, age 22)