9 Awesome Barcelona Blogs You Should be Reading

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the world’s top travel destinations. You’ll be amazed to find that no matter how many times you go back to this remarkable city, you inevitably discover something new and wonderful with each visit. With idyllic beaches, warm weather all year round, delicious food, over 2000 years of incredible art and architecture, and more, it comes as no surprise that Barcelonans believe they live in the best city in the world. Barcelona offers travellers so much, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top blogs sharing helpful suggestions, tours, and personal experiences. Read on and get inspired for your trip to this amazing city!

Homage to BCN by Rob Dobson is an intriguing, content-rich blog about all things Barcelona. Rob writes most of the articles himself but he also regularly includes guest posts which add a particularly compelling dimension to the website. In ‘Perfect Days’ Rob shares diverse answers to the question ‘What is your perfect day in Barcelona?’ These thoughtfully curated posts are great because they come from a variety of perspectives – Barcelona natives, ex-pats, and tourists. With so many stories, it’s easy to find someone else who has similar interests as you. Reading about one day at a time also makes it easier to imagine actually being in Barcelona. This thoughtful and detailed blog contains answers to all your Barcelona FAQs like ‘where can I get the best tapas?’ and ‘when’s the best time to visit attraction X?’, as well as more occasional questions like ‘which restaurants serve natural wine?’. The website itself is really well integrated with all mainstream social media platforms which makes it easy for you to share anything that catches your attention – tweet it, post it, pin it…you’ll surely come across something you’re excited to share! Visit the blog now!

Barcelona Lowdown by Richard Newman is a great resource for getting information on events and activities in and around beautiful Barcelona. Richard writes entertaining and candid reviews of fun, often underappreciated, and distinctly Catalan attractions for all types of travellers, including features on Barcelona’s numerous (an all too frequently overlooked) art instillations like the El Món Neix en Cada Besada (The World Begins With Every Kiss). This photomosaic is composed of photos from local residents who were asked to submit pictures that they thought represented a moment of freedom. This is the kind of unique, detailed piece of art that really needs to be experienced in person to be appreciated. Beyond reviews, Barcelona Lowdown provides a wealth of helpful travel tips that will inevitably save you time - simple things like where to find free parking, free wifi, how to get to the airport, cheap eats, how to get discounted admission to tourist attractions, and more. Planning a trip to Barcelona? This is a great place to start! Check it out

Sports fans are ubiquitous, and their intense collective energy routinely invigorates already bustling cities like Barcelona. Spain loves soccer, and Barcelona really loves soccer, so this is the perfect destination for anyone interested in experiencing the amazing energy that comes with fandom. Barca Blog by veteran sports writer Francesc Tomas is a comprehensive source for all things FC Barcelona, La Liga, and international soccer, and it does a beautiful job of conveying this energy. Barcelona’s ‘unfairly good’ soccer team is just another point of Catalan pride and Francesc's blog showcases Barcelona’s best. Francesc has created content for ESPN and his experience and passion for soccer are evident in this highly professional yet personal endeavor. His comprehensive updates on the latest Barca matches, detailed evaluations of players, trades, and other coaching choices are of such high quality that Barca Blog now has over 550 000 followers. Whether you’re a soccer fan, are planning a trip to Barcelona, or both, Barca Blog is definitely worth a read! To the blog

Hola Barcelona is a sincere and interesting travel blog by Marta Rubio, a Barcelona native who now lives in the Netherlands but returns to Barcelona periodically to visit family and friends and do research for her blog. Hola Barcelona is Marta’s way of staying connected to Barcelona and she’s always looking for new places that she can share with her readers. Because of this, her blog embodies the best of both worlds – a local perspective and a visitor’s perspective. Marta answers simple but important questions with succinct, informed articles – where to stay, what to do, as well as spotlight pieces on some of Barcelona’s most iconic attractions. The ‘Where to Stay’ section is particularly well thought out and offers several categories of suggested accommodations, including apartments, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and hotels. The blog is written in Dutch but can easily be translated into English by your browser. Hola Barcelona is a refreshing, multilingual blog that provides readers with excellent travel tips and recommendations for either visiting or living in one of the world’s most iconic cities! Check it out

Justine Ancheta, the creator of Latitude 41, is a California native who has been living in beautiful Barcelona since 2008. Her creative and attractive blog suggests that Barcelona is the most sensational city on latitude forty one! She first came to Barcelona for a semester abroad in University. She fell so much in love with the Catalan lifestyle that she returned after her wedding in 2008 and is now raising her two children in this cultural capital. Her very relatable blog provides plenty of helpful tips geared towards the North American traveller, including posts like ‘How to Eat and Drink like a Spaniard’ which is not actually about what to eat and drink as much as it is about when. Justine’s comprehensive posts are full of useful information, personal details, and great pictures that let readers follow her journey as she puts down roots in this vibrant city. The blog is also very easy to navigate and is particularly well integrated with pintrest, so you can easily create a dream-board for your trip to this amazing city! Visit the blog now

Maybe it’s all the architecture in the city, the Gaudi or the Gehry, but there’s something that really makes street art fit in Barcelona. Barcelona Street Scraps, by Brian Reedy, is an elegant blog that captures and shares examples of Barcelona’s incredible street art movement. Street art is commonly defined as an open-ended, mixed media endeavor that frequently incorporates stencils, graffiti, posters, and installations, which exists outside of traditional protected areas, and is bounded only by the surfaces and spaces of the city itself. Street art is always changing, getting painted over and cleaned off – frequently one piece of art is partially covered up and incorporated into the next. This process of decay and regeneration, these many and varied ‘transitional blemishes’ are what make street art unique. The simple, continuous scrolling style of this blog helps it to mirror the street art experience, of coming upon these beautiful works by accident, and is made even more beautiful by its simplicity. That being said, each of Brian’s photos or albums are accompanied by a thought-provoking article. Overall, BCN Street Scraps does a tremendous job of capturing, preserving and sharing these ephemeral works with the world! Check it out now

Devour Barcelona, one of the food tours from Devour Spain, brings us a unique blog conceptualized by a group of food lovers who want to share Spain’s incredible cuisines with the world. These fellow food-obsessed travellers blog about eats and offer popular, highly recommended food tours in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville with plans to open a Malaga chapter in 2016. Their fabulous food tours take visitors outside of the touristy neighbourhoods to experience the best dishes in the city. However, you don’t have to participate in their tours to appreciate the many wonderful articles shared in the blog. Devour Barcelona is a great read for visitors to Barcelona a well as anyone interested in trying out Spanish cooking for themselves. Here you’ll find plenty of information on food festivals, the best of [insert particular type of dining experience], the best recipes for Sangria, links to the best Spanish cooking blogs, and particularly helpful articles for travellers with dietary restrictions i.e. ‘Eating Gluten-Free in Barcelona’. If you love to eat, this blog is for you! Check it out now

Hi. This is Barcelona… by Jordan Susselman is the companion website for one of Barcelona’s premier tour companies. Jordan moved from San Diego over a decade ago and has since lived the true Catalan experience. Now he wants to share Catalan culture with readers and visitors from around the globe. Over the past ten years Jordan has put together a dynamic team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, multilingual guides who give tours of this fascinating and alluring city. The blog (often conceptualized by Sarah Parkinson) has been going strong since its creation in March of 2006 as Jordan and his team continue to discover more amazing attractions off the beaten path.  It’s important to note that these are not your average tours. Hi. This is Barcelona… specializes in introducing visitors to the real Barcelona in an atypical way. Your dynamic, personable, and knowledgeable guide will take you beyond the tourist attractions to see some of Barcelona’s many hidden gems. Hi. This is Barcelona…even offers wheelchair accessible pedestrian tours, which is an important but difficult task in a labyrinthine city like Barcelona. Check out each tour guide’s profile and book your tour today! Check it out now

Lifestyle Barcelona is the companion website for a dedicated experiences company in Barcelona. Lifestyle Barcelona is run by a passionate group of individuals who specialize in providing travellers with a wide range of personalized, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These professional and enthusiastic agents work with over 150 collaborators and have put together and personally tested over 300 innovative tours and activities. With Lifestyle Barcelona, adrenaline junkies can go bungee jumping, paragliding, or even cruise along in a formula 1 car. Foodies can book a variety of specialized cooking classes or make their own cava (wine). This amazing company has arranged Flashmobs for wedding proposals, helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, and even meet ups with Barcelona FC players! Lifestyle Barcelona is your ultimate resource for planning your incredible, out of the box experience in this Iconic Spanish city! Read it now