Dear concerned and loving parents,

It’s that time. You have been trying to prepare for this moment for a very long time. Your children want to make their own life decisions. And to make things more interesting, they want to study overseas! Here at Teenagers Abroad, we have prepared programs that center around the student. We make sure they get the greatest learning experience but we also make sure they are safe and happy during their time away from home! So let’s answer some of the important questions.

Why Should Teenagers Study Abroad?

Life Experience: Most parents want their children to gain independence and the ability to overcome the various obstacles they’ll face throughout life. Living abroad is the perfect opportunity for them to start this process! Being away from home, in unfamiliar situations empowers adolescents to develop the ability to deal with complex problems by applying rational solutions. Like most things in life, developing good habits at a young age can prove to be extremely valuable later in life.

Bilingualism is Valuable: It should come as no surprise that with the impact of internationalization and globalization, the ability to speak multiple languages has become extremely valuable. It can also augment the way a young person views different aspects of life.  That is, different cultures have specific nuances and traditions that can evoke unfamiliar emotions and thus, present new ways of looking at and understanding others. In most cases, after participating in our programs children return home with a broadened perspective that is uniquely gained through living abroad.

How Will We Keep Your Children Safe?

Location of our Schools: All of our schools are located in safe neighborhoods and thus, allow students the freedom to explore the surrounding area under the guidance of group leaders. However, it is important for students to always remain vigilant, as petty crime is common in most large cities, and young tourists are often considered to be easy targets.

Excellent Student Supervision: Our instructors and group leaders do a wonderful job supervising students while on campus. From class to afterschool activities, our students are supervised around the clock. In some locations, students can stay at our residence on campus allowing for 24 hour supervision by our staff. For those that chose the homestay accommodation option, they will be under the supervision of trusted and responsible families.

Basic Health Care: Our staff is prepared for all medical issues that may arise. On site, they can provide first-aid care for minor health concerns such as headaches, bruises, and scratches. Any serious problems will be addressed immediately by the local emergency response units.

Studying abroad will be one of the greatest experiences your children will have! Travelling is great but studying abroad will be rewarding in ways they can’t imagine. So, keep an open mind and support their dreams while you witness your children become happy and confident members of society.