After-Class Activities in Orange County

During your stay you will have plenty of time to discover the surrounding area of Costa Mesa, its culture, quirks and everyday life after your classes. The school and many of the host families live near the city giving you easy access to one of the most sun soaked places on Earth.

You’ll be able to visit attractions such as the world-famous Disneyland, Lyon Air Museum, Los Angeles and the Las Vegas strip. There are miles of sand and sunny beaches to the south of Costa Mesa as well as Newport, another thriving tourist hot spot.

A typical itinerary tends to flow something like this:

Week 1: Your mornings begin with your English lessons after which you’ll have free time to go out and explore the city for the afternoon or depending on the day (usually weekends), you can register for activities such as a guided city tour, an excursion to the beach or to Knotts Berry Farm. Frequently, the school arranges weekend trips to Six Flags, a top tier amusement park located nearby.

Week 2: Your second week typically allows you more free time as classes become easier thanks to your now improved English skills. You’re free to venture out and experience Costa Mesa in your own way by strolling the markets or you can go on a second excursion to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.