Learn Spanish in Santiago

  • Relax on one of Chile's picturesque Pacific beaches
  • Explore the city's many compelling museums and pleasant parks
  • Climb the impressive Cerro San Cristóbal


Santiago is the capital of Chile and its largest city. Nestled in the country's central valley, this charming metropolis is Chile's economic and cultural hub.

This busy and beautiful city is surrounded by abundant emerald forests and magnificent mountains. Here you’ll find lofty waterfalls, ancient ruins, and important religious sanctuaries. Santiago is both cleaner and safer than its South American neighbours and its dramatic location between the Andes and the Pacific makes it the perfect base for climbing, hiking, skiing, sunbathing, or wine tasting. There's also plenty to do in the city proper. Santiago will surely enchant you with its many museums, cafés, and historic architecture.

This tropical paradise is an ideal destination for travellers looking for adventure, culture, and an authentic south american experience!

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