English Course in Toronto (ages 14-21)

Teenagers Abroad Summer Camp Program in Toronto - English Courses - Learn English

Spend this holiday participating in an English camp in Toronto that is packed full of adventure, sports, cultural experiences, and more!

About Toronto

Teenagers Abroad Summer Camp Program in Toronto - English Courses - Study Abroad - Learn English in Canada

Toronto, Canada is a very multicultural city with an exciting history, astonishing architecture, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Tourists from all over the world visit Toronto for art, music, atmosphere, and events.

Toronto currently has an urban population of more than 4.5 million people. Many of the residents of Toronto come from all around the world, making this city a very international place to be. Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau once described Canada as a mosaic of cultures and languages, and this remains true to this day! When you walk through Toronto you can expect to hear dozens of different languages being spoken, including Mandarin, Greek, French, German, Hindi, and, of course, English.

The first thing one should do when in Toronto is go to the top of North America’s tallest freestanding structure (the CN Tower) and get an idea of just how big, diverse, and wonderful Toronto is! From the top of the CN Tower, you can observe Toronto’s unique geography and absolutely stunning skyline.

We also recommend that you take the 10 minute ferry ride to the Toronto Islands to experience the 8 tree covered islands of Lake Ontario. The magnificent city of Niagara Falls is also just an hour and half away!