Study Arabic in Amman

  • Amman of safest cities in the Middle East.
  • A bustling city with historical interest and modern convenience.
  • A city of growing importance and significance on the world stage and a valuable learning opportunity simply to visit.
  • Make an overnight journey to the beautiful Petra. 
  • Try the souk jara and the refreshing bateekh watermelon juice!

See What Other Students Say About The Program in Amman:

“The center is located in a student-friendly area of north Amman. The school itself is excellent: Ali, the Administrator, goes to enormous lengths to accommodate each student giving the center a very personal atmosphere. Where the school truly shines is in the quality of the teachers; where progress is bound only by the student.”

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Amman's openness to visitors has made it one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East and a perfect place to study Arabic in Jordan. There is a vibrant and exciting arts and culture scene, with many artists, musicians and writers being attracted to the city.

Jordan strongly upholds freedom of worship and, even though the primary religions in Amman are Islam and Christianity. The city is full of churches and mosques and it is suggested that people wear modest clothes when visiting these religious sites.

Western tourists find that Amman has embraced much of Western culture with a growing number of malls and shopping districts, international restaurants and cuisines and even a few T.G.I. Friday's!