Learn Arabic or French in Morocco

A city with a long and varied history, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and renowned for its beauty and the massive walls of its impressive Kasbah. Housed in a spacious (4,000 sq ft) facility and enclosed within it's own tranquil garden, our school offers plenty of space to study.

About Morocco

Learn Arabic in Morocco for beaches, the Sahara desert, the Atlas Mountains, forest, wildlife and abundant culture to experience and enjoy. This North African country, with a population of around 33 million, offers diverse a geography and climate which are matched only by the rich culture and history you'll no doubt discover. Spain lies to the north, Africa to the east and south, not to mention kilometers of unspoiled beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

The country’s cuisine is as varied as its landscape, as locals have blended together influences and customs from a few other cultures. In addition, Morocco’s capital, Rabat, and its largest city, Casablanca, offer flourishing art scenes and are both great to pick up a souvenir or two.

There's 8,000 years of human history in Morocco and they've left their marks on the city in the form of ancient forts and other sites which draw in tourists from around the world! Learn Arabic in Morocco, and experience all this great country and people have to offer!