Study in Rabat

  • Due to its central location, Rabat allows students to explore the surrounding region and other great Moroccan destinations on the weekends.
  • Like Rome, Rabat is a historical city that takes you away from the modern life
  • Visit a local cafe for a delicious cup of coffee while you take in the exotic sights and sounds of Rabat.

Study Arabic or French in Rabat

Study Arabic in Morocco's capital and the Kingdom's third largest city, Rabat. Rabat has known many great times, leaving behind the incredible architectural marvels of the Almohads, exciting history, such as a Barbary pirate enclave, and the urban development from its time as a French colony. If you want to take a break from history there are several beaches for you to enjoy along the exotic coastlines. All of this is ready to be discovered while you learn Arabic in Morocco!