Learn Chinese in Beijing

  • Visit the home of the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City
  • Discover Beijing's vibrant mix of history
  • Experience shopping in some of Beijing's lively outdoor markets

Beijing is a fascinating city that's been the political, cultural and educational centre of China for many centuries. Here you can experience Chinese culture and discover over 3000 years of history!

Beijing has more landmarks than you'll possibly be able to visit during your trip, but Tiananmen Square is the perfect place to start! Nearby, you'll find the Forbidden City, former home of the Imperial Court and the greatest example of Chinese palatial architecture, as well as the Temple of Heaven, a spectacular complex of Taoist buildings. Modern landmarks include the National Stadium built for the 2008 Olympic Games - the “Bird’s Nest” and the World Trade Centre Tower III.

Beijing's many attractions and rich cultural heritage make this city the perfect place for you to learn Mandarin abroad!