Study Chinese in Taipei

  • Separated from the rest of China, Taiwan has developed beautiful variations of the Chinese language.
  • Taipei a city of exciting contrasts, with Chinese and Japanese influences and a history of wealth and expansion.
  • An incredibly safe city with very little crime and no dangerous neighbourhoods.
  • The city is the transportation center of Taiwan and the entire island can be explored from Taipei with ease.
  • Taiwan is known for their elaborate night markets that serves uniquely, delicious food.

Take a Chinese language course in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan and the island’s largest metropolitan area with 6.7 million people. It is the political, economic and cultural hub of Taiwan with transportation lines extending across and throughout the island.

Taipei is on the northern tip of Taiwan and lies within the valleys of the Keelung and Xindian rivers, which form the Danshui. As a result, it is minutes away from the beautiful coastline beaches!

Taipei is also incredibly safe, with no bad neighbourhoods, even at night! Study Chinese in Taiwan and explore this unique island nation in depth and at your own leisure!