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About The Czech Republic

The city of Prague is usually what springs to mind when most people are asked about the Czech Republic. And rightly so – it’s a beautiful and fascinating city. But the country has so much more to offer; from spa towns, puppet festivals, opera and beer to beautiful rivers, mountains and plenty of forests. The climate, too, is pleasantly diverse with quite hot summers and cold winters with snow in the mountains.

There are many castles and ruins, such as the impressive Karlštejn Castle, in the Czech Republic. The spa towns, too, are very popular among tourists, particularly Karlovy Vary with its beautiful historic neighborhoods and hot springs. In terms of culture, opera and theater are both important to the Czech people.

The country is bordered by Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia. And one interesting fact is that because the country is landlocked, it leases a dock in Hamburg, Germany and has goods delivered down the Elbe River to the Czech Republic.