Study Czech in the Home of Your Own Private Teacher in The Prague Region

Prague has a long and exciting history. It’s the capital of the Czech Republic as well as the most famous and visited city in the country; almost 4 million tourists come here every year! Unlike many other major cities in Central Europe, Prague was fortunate enough to have been left relatively untouched after both World Wars, and retains its beautiful and historic city centre, the whole of which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This amazing city has buildings of almost every conceivable architectural style, from medieval to contemporary. Prague Castle, which includes St. Vitus Cathedral, the Castle Picture Gallery, palaces, museums, and the Royal Garden, is the biggest ancient castle in the world and offers spectacular views of the whole city. Other iconic structures include the last functioning Astronomical Clock – built in 1410, the Charles Bridge, and the Prague Dancing House – designed by Frank Gehry.

Prague is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to study abroad thanks to its impressive cultural sites, delicious food, welcoming local culture, affordability, and walkability. As you explore the city you’ll find numerous art installations, plenty of beer halls, and great nightclubs! Prague has all the attractions of other major European cities without the high price tag. There’s something very satisfying about living in a place where $10 constitutes an expensive (and amazing) night out.

The Live & Learn program offers you a unique and truly immersive way to experience this spectacular city. Your host family will be able to recommend particular places of interest as they get to know you personally through your private, professional Czech lessons. You’ll also learn that much more quickly and effectively in a place where you can consistently apply your language skills as you learn them. If you don’t have a good reason to learn a language then you won’t, but Prague is sure to give you more reasons to learn Czech than you can count!

Why Learn Czech in Prague?

  • Prague is renowned for its beautiful and diverse architecture.
  • It’s one of the most affordable major cities in Europe.
  • There’s some sort of festival almost every day of the year.

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