Activities & Excursions in Calgary

During your stay you will have plenty of time to discover the city of Calgary, its culture, local traditions and everyday life after your classes. The residence, school, and many of the host families live in and or near the city giving you easy access to one of the most thrilling cities in the Rockies.

You’ll be able to visit attractions such as White water rafting and Calaway Park western Canada’s largest family amusement park. Take a Rockies tour in the Mountains that surround Calgary and marvel at their size and majesty or walk about the cities many Green Spaces; over 500 parks and reserves provide rewarding wildlife viewing opportunities and invigorating hiking and biking trails. You’ll also be able to learn and try various Canadian cultures as you explore Calgary after your classes have finished. 

A Typical Itinerary

Week  1: Your mornings begin with your English lessons after which you’ll have free time to go out and explore the city for the afternoon or depending on the day, or you can join in pre-planned activities such as the Calgary Science Center, or visiting the city zoo. There is also a weekend excursion to the Rockies!


Week 2: Your second week typically allows you more free time as classes become easier thanks to your now improved English skills. You will again have pre-planned activities such as visiting the Chinook Center or the Glenbow Museum. You’re free to venture out and experience Calgary in your own way by strolling the markets in the downtown core or simply enjoying the mountains from one of the many city parks. 

Featured Activity: Skyline Lunge

With more than 50 twist and turns and covering a distance of over 1800 metres on a continuous downhill trajectory, the Skyline Luge in Calgary is the longest in the world and is certain to bring smiles to the faces of both the young and old.  Sounds awesome (and it is) the Skyline Luge is a wheeled gravity ride that provides the rider full control over their descent on a purpose built track.  The unique braking and steering system control speed and direction – it’s easy to learn and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

The simple enjoyment of hurtling down the track in the specially constructed Luge kart as you navigate the twists, turns and bumps never fails to make adults giggle like children. In fact, over 30 million people have enjoyed the Luge worldwide and their comments have led to the Luge slogan; ‘Once is never enough’! And it’s not. Most are hooked after their 1st Luge ride.  It’s easy to master and soon you’ll notice yourself moving to the chairlift a little quicker for your second trip.