English Course Options in Calgary

Through our program we’re able to help anyone at any level of fluency right when they arrive at the school. On arrival you’ll be provided with the best learning materials as well as a variety of options to enhance your course and educational experience. All of our teach staff at your school are required to be native English speakers who are qualified to teach English as a second language at any level of fluency. The program is geared to help enhance and refine your overall proficiency in the English language. 

Part Time Program in Calgary:

This course introduces the English language in a natural environment, while also leaving the student with lots of free time to explore Calgary and Canadian culture. When you take the part-time course you’ll have two lessons per day each 45 minutes long with a total of 10 lessons per week.

Standard Program:

In the standard course, students will develop their English through speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises that will in turn help develop proper their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation along with actual language use. In a standard course there are generally 4 lessons per day each 45 minutes and a total of 20 lessons per week.

Intensive Program:

This is the ideal course for students who are eager to learn English intensively. Additional lessons included in this course help students focus on the key aspects and methods of using the English language. The intensive course has six lessons a day, 30 lessons in a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes long.

One-To-One Program:

The one-to-one course is the most intensive way to learn a language such as English. The content is agreed upon beforehand between the student and the teacher. An added bonus of this program is that the course(s) are not dependent on course starting dates. The student can decide whether there are two, four, or six lessons on a given day.