English Course Options in Vancouver

In each of our programs and courses we’re able to cater to a variety of language fluency levels right when you arrive at the school. From the start of your program you’ll be provided with a full course load as well as all the materials you’ll need to begin your learning journey. All of our instructors at each school are required to be native English speakers who are qualified to teach English as a second language. Each course will help enhance speaking, listening, grammar and general English comprehension skills. A typical day of study usually includes three different classes, all of which are geared to help build a program that gives you the best possible learning experience abroad.

Part Time Program in Vancouver:

In the part-time course students are provided with English lessons taught in a natural setting, while also leaving one with plenty of free time to explore the city of Vancouver and its unique culture. This course typically has two lessons a day, each of which is 45 minutes long for a total of 10 lessons per week.

Standard Program:

Through our standard course students will develop English fluency and proper grammar use, through a combined program paired with actual language use. There are four lessons per day each 45 minutes and a total of 20 lessons per week.

Intensive Program:

In the Intensive course students will get expose to the ideal methodology to learn a language intensively. The additional lessons provided are developed to give students an opportunity to focus on the structure of the English language. This course has six lessons a day, 30 lessons in a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes long.

Super Intensive Program:

This is the ideal course for students who really want to challenge themselves academically in their language studies. Students take 8 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. This course is particularly recommended for any students wishing to enter a university in North America, the United Kingdom, and Malta.