Accommodation Options in Victoria

Homestay Accomodation

Choosing to live with a host family is the best way to become fully immersed in the English language and Canadian culture as you’ll be with native speakers almost 27/7! Our host families are selected and routinely visited to make sure that they’re meeting our strict quality standards. Homestays chosen are always quality families who show a genuine interest in an international exchange program and want to help you learn English during your stay. Many host families live near the school, however commute time can vary from 10 to 15 minutes.


Room Options:

  • Single Room: bed, desk, and closet. Access to kitchen and the bathroom, and Families will also provide bed linens. Some families provide internet access as well.


Meal Options:

  • Breakfast and dinner, half board, or three meals per day (additional packed lunch).

Residence Accomodation

The school residence is a short distance away from the school and Victoria’s downtown district. Each apartment is fully furnished with a bathroom (1 or 2), lounge/living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The school is easily accessible via local public transit from the city center or from surface routes such as a bus or taxi.

Room Options:

  • Single Room


Meal Options:

  • Self-Catering


More information about our various accommodation options can be found on the Accommodation page or by contacting a representative.