English Course Options in Victoria

In each of our programs we strive to provide the best possible introduction and teaching methodology to the English language so that no student is left behind. All of our teachers at each of our schools are required to be fluent in English as well as certified to teach English as a second language. Each course type is geared to address and enhance your English fluency during your stay. In-fact, a typical day includes up to three different classes, and all which build a detailed program to help students get the best possible learning experience.

Part Time Program in Victoria:

The part-time course is designed to introduce English, while also leaving students with plenty of free time to explore Victoria and the culture of Canada. Generally there are two lessons a day each 45 minutes long for a total of 10 lessons per week.

Standard Program:

In our standard course students will develop their English fluency through speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises to develop proper grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In this course there are four lessons per day each 45 minutes and a total of 20 lessons per week.

Intensive Program:

The intensive course is ideal for students who are eager to learn English intensively. Additional lessons give students the opportunity to focus on the linguistic core of English and still have time to participate in afternoon events and activities. The intensive course has six lessons a day, 30 lessons in a week, and each lesson is 45 minutes long.

Super Intensive Program:

The super intensive course is the ideal course for students who really want to challenge themselves in their English learning capabilities. Students in this course can take 8 lessons per day from Monday to Friday. This course is recommended for any students wishing to enter a university in North America, the United Kingdom, and Malta.